10 great electric sedans and hybrids as an alternative to the Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S was it Electric car That started the electric car revolution. After years of being on the market, there are a host of competitors with better technology, more range, more luxurious features, and better performance. Although there is a wide range of competitors,… Tesla Model S The car still offers class-leading driving range, ridiculous performance, and Tesla’s extensive supercharger network.

These electric and hybrid sedan alternatives have better designs and higher-quality interior materials, and some even offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a feature the Model S lacks. They range from premium midsize sedans to large full-size sedans from popular manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and BMW.

We’ve compiled used pricing data from Kelly Blue Book to provide great electric and hybrid sedan alternatives to the Tesla Model S.

10 2017 Mercedes-Benz S 550e PHEV

Starting price used: $28,823 – $33,758


The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is among the best full-size luxury sedans on the market. They have stunning elegance, unparalleled engines, and unparalleled fit and finish. For the 2017 model year, the S-Class was available with three engines: a base V8, a no-cost hybrid, and a monster V12.

While the base model S 550 V8 had 449 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, the more efficient hybrid powertrain nearly matches performance with a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 and electric motor. The S 550e produced an impressive 436 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque, nearly matching the acceleration of the V8-powered S 550.


  • Smooth and powerful hybrid powertrain

  • Comfortable and luxurious cabin

  • A host of standard safety features

  • 8-year or 80,000-mile hybrid warranty


  • A surprisingly small trunk for a full-size sedan

  • The S 550e was only available with rear-wheel drive

9 2018 Cadillac CT6 PHEV

Starting price used: $30,318 – $33,811

Cadillac CT6 - front view

The Cadillac CT6 was a stylish, sporty luxury sedan with powerful engines and superior craftsmanship. It was the crown jewel of Cadillac’s lineup and offered a cheaper price than flagships from Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Cadillac offered a wide range of engines, from a small turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder to a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6. The CT6 also has a hybrid variant equipped with a 2.0-liter inline-4 hybrid unit that produces 335 horsepower and 432 pound-feet of torque.


  • Setting up a trick comment

  • Lots of standard tech features

  • Spacious cabin with five seats

  • Excellent handling capabilities


  • An interior design that no one can imagine

  • Difficult transportation system

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8 2019 Lexus ES 300h

Starting price used: $33,627 – $37,076

2019 Lexus ES 350 F Sport

Lexus redesigned the modern ES for 2019, giving it a sleek exterior and feature-packed interior to compete with German rivals like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. While its powertrain options can’t deliver a high-performance driving experience, the ES has impressive interior insulation and a comfortable ride thanks to its suspension setup.

The 2019 ES 300h was the only hybrid model in the lineup, featuring a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor. The powertrain produced 215 horsepower, less than most alternatives like the Cadillac CT6 PHEV.


  • Spacious cabin with modern amenities

  • Lots of standard safety technology

  • Comfortable ride quality


  • There are no high-performance engines

  • Non-folding rear seats

7 2020 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

Starting price used: $35,733 – $39,294

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid 2022

The RLX was Acura’s luxury sedan that offered spacious accommodations and upscale features. It flew under the radar, especially with its supercar-derived powertrain. As standard, the RLX had a powerful 310-horsepower V6 engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Fortunately, Acura also introduced the RLX Sport Hybrid, a more powerful and efficient luxury sedan. It used a 3.5-liter V6 and three electric motors, generating 377 horsepower and 341 pound-feet of torque. In fact, this was the system from the NSX supercar, helping to give the RLX Sport Hybrid smooth operation and amazing acceleration


  • A wide range of standard features

  • Powerful and efficient hybrid powertrain derived from supercars

  • Spacious interior space


  • General cabin design

  • Old infotainment system

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6 2020 BMW 745e

Starting price used: $43,315 – $47,414

Gray BMW 7 Series on a deserted road

The BMW 7 Series is another large luxury sedan that competes with the Audi A8 and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The BMW 7 Series Sedan sits at the top of the lineup, offering an almost endless array of luxury amenities and an impressive powertrain selection.

As standard, the 2020 BMW 7 Series has a powerful 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine with 335 horsepower. However, BMW also offered a more powerful hybrid model, the 745e, with the same turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 ​​and an electric motor rated at 389 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque.


  • Powerful hybrid powertrain

  • An endless array of luxurious amenities

  • Classic BMW handsomeness

  • Calm and luxurious interior design


  • Optional extras can quickly add to the price

  • Size and weight affect its athletic character

5 2018 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

Starting price used: $46,066 – $51,047

Porsche Panamera 2017

While the Porsche Panamera has a larger four-door cabin than the smaller two-door 718 and 911 models, it is an agile and attractive sports sedan. Although larger than sports cars, its cabin was smaller than what larger sedans from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz offered.

For the 2018 model year, the Panamera still has a wide range of trims, including powerful hybrid options. As standard, the 2018 Panamera has a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine rated at 330 horsepower and 331 pound-feet of torque. However, Porsche also introduced the more efficient and powerful Panamera 4 E-Hybrid with a 2.9-liter turbocharged V6 and electric motor, producing 462 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.


  • High-performance and efficient hybrid powertrain

  • Spacious and well appointed interiors

  • Great ride quality


  • A smaller cabin, unlike most of its larger competitors

  • Expensive optional extras

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4 Lexus LS 500h 2020

Starting price used: $56,440 – $63,749

Lexus LS 2020 - front

The Lexus LS is a full-size luxury sedan that features exquisite details, impeccable presentation, and fuel-efficient engines. While its competitors offer high-performance models, the LS offers a fun ride with a comfortable ride for all passengers.

The 2020 LS is available in three distinct models: LS 500, LS 500 F Sport, and LS 500h. While base versions offered a powerful V8, the LS 500h used a 3.5-liter V6 hybrid engine with 354 horsepower.


  • Luxurious ride quality

  • Value pricing, unlike most full-size luxury sedans

  • A wide range of standard amenities

  • Elegant and spacious interior design


  • It’s not as fast as its main competitors

  • Not many customization options

3 2024 Volvo S90 Recharge

Starting MSRP: $66,945

2023 Volvo S90 Recharge

The 2024 Volvo S90 Recharge is a uniquely sized luxury sedan with a great starting price and a spacious interior. The 2024 Volvo S90 Recharge features a sophisticated cabin filled with luxurious materials such as the Orrefors crystal shift knob available on the Inspiration model.

The S90 Recharge offers an impressive hybrid powertrain, a turbo, and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder hybrid unit with a combined 455 horsepower and 523 pound-feet of torque. Incredible performance helps the S90 Recharge rocket from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.


  • Volvo’s best offers

  • Increased range thanks to the hybrid powertrain

  • Sophisticated cabin with high-quality materials

  • Comfortable cabin for all passengers


  • Complex entertainment system

  • Consistent ride quality

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2 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan

Starting MSRP: $74,900

A white Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE sedan is parked outside
Mercedes Benz

The 2023 EQE Sedan is an all-electric midsize luxury sedan from Mercedes-Benz. It’s a smaller, less expensive option than the full-size EQS sedan. Despite being smaller, it still has plenty of power thanks to its single and dual motor setup.

As standard, the EQE sedan gets a single engine unit with 288 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. The EQE 500 gets a dual-motor setup, increasing power to 402 hp and 633 lb-ft of torque.


  • Four hundred miles of estimated range

  • Sophisticated and comfortable interior design

  • Advanced technology features


  • Not as fun to drive as the BMW i4

  • Small box for its class

1 2023 Genesis Electrified G80

Starting MSRP: $79,825

2023 Genesis G80 fully electric four-door sedan

The 2023 Electrified G80 is an all-electric version of the G80 sedan. While the name sounds boring, the 2023 Genesis Electric Vehicle G80 is a luxury electric sedan with a well-appointed interior and a beautiful exterior.

It’s almost indistinguishable from its gasoline-powered sibling, but unlike the gas-powered G80, the electrified G80 has a dual-motor engine with 365 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain helps the electrified G80 perform better than a V6-powered G80.


  • Powerful electric powertrain

  • Luxurious interior

  • Decent driving range


  • Smaller torso

  • No quality for the federal tax credit

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