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2023 Toyota Prius. (Mark Grasso/Boston Herald)

While the innovator of the hybrid electric vehicle continues to make its mark on the automotive industry, consumers continue to enjoy great prices and fuel economy while not sacrificing space and ease of use. For Toyota, the Prius is a fleet staple and deserves recognition for its size.

In 2023, after more than a quarter of a century in the Toyota fleet, the fifth generation Prius was launched and now equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine with front-wheel drive. Our tester, a blue-wrapped 2023 Prius Limited, had very cool appeal. There are 6 model options in the Prius fleet with Limited all-wheel drive topping the hybrid sedan option. Our Limited tester came with heated rear seats and a digital rearview mirror. 33 Accessory options such as all-weather floor mats, body side moldings, etc. are also available, but in our testing we only tested the trunk load mat.

From the outside, it’s all about heightened design. With the redesigned front fascia and windshield, we notice a more elegant hybrid car while the rear fascia is more square and well divided. Trunk storage space is identical to previous generations, ensuring passengers have plenty of room for luggage, groceries and local shopping. While the Prius appeals to long-distance commuters, comfort is definitely top of mind. The center stack is wider than I remember it being in previous generations while maintaining its width. The infotainment system is very familiar as we have noticed in previous Lexus models. In our Prius tester, there’s a 12.3-inch multimedia audio system that’s easy to use and quick to navigate for all ages and technology strengths.

We applaud Toyota for bringing another great Prius to the consumer market that brought a new level of hybrid technology and trends to the market. For 5G, it has great appeal and the same great efficiency while maintaining a great price.

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Toyota Prius 2023 Limited

Management Systems Renewal Project: $34,465

mpg: 52 city/52 highway/52.7 as tested

As tested: $37,494

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