2024 Chevy Traverse Z71 turns into a unibody pickup truck: Does it stand a chance?

On the eve of the 2023 edition of the famous Detroit Auto Show, Ford debuted the updated 2024 F-150 with a lot of additional updates and some important innovations such as new front grilles and different headlights based on trims, as well as the modular Pro Access tailgate.

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For 46 years, the best-selling truck lineup in the United States, the Ford F-Series, has set a high bar for everyone to try to follow. For example, General Motors has been doing this for decades with the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. But is this enough?

According to first-half sales statistics, GM edged Ford to the finish line in full-size pickup trucks. But that’s only possible when the automaker consolidates sales of the Silverado and Sierra — both light-duty and heavy-duty full-size models — so the Blue Oval still has a chance to seize the upper hand by the end of the year.

Besides, GM could have a better truck lineup out there. The 2024 Ford F-150 has best-in-class towing and payload capacity, so the Silverado and Sierra fall short of the F-Series’ champions. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty truck lineup leaves a lot to be desired compared to the Super Duty models — and again It only takes a look at the spec sheet to see why.

So, what can GM do to address this dilemma? In the imaginary world of digital automotive content creators, they could consider tripling their roster of full-size light-duty pickup trucks by creating a unibody option as well — much like how Ford took over the compact pickup truck segment with its Maverick unibody. And Dimas Ramadan, the virtual car artist behind this car Designed by DigiMods A YouTube channel took on the task of revealing this potential nameplate.

The master of pixels chose to transform the third generation Chevrolet Traverse full-size crossover SUVs Introducing a good looking pickup truck. The nameplate, which Chevy first introduced in 2009 as the successor to the TrailBlazer SUV and Uplander pickup truck, has just reached its third iteration and looks more truck-like than ever.

So, maybe this is what sparked the hypothetical series of events and why the CGI expert ended up cooking a Chevy Traverse pickup truck out of a unibody SUV. The model uses the GM C1XX-2 platform and now has a 2.5-liter LK0 turbocharged four under the hood that’s good for 315 hp and 317 lb-ft (430 Nm).

These are respectable numbers, but will they be enough to conquer the world of full-size pickup trucks? Probably not, so we bet this will forever remain wishful thinking. After all, the 2024 Ford F-150, for example, has larger plants — including a V8 and a hybrid. Plus, there’s also F-150 Lighting, so perhaps GM would do well to focus its forces on giving the 2024 Silverado Eve The Sierra EV will shake out to dealerships as soon as possible.

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