2024 Citroen C3 Aircross: everything we know about the small 7-seat crossover

2024 Citroen C3 Aircross: everything we know about the small 7-seat crossover

We’ve updated this story with new, more accurate renders as well as the latest information about the compact crossover. (12/1)

The small SUV market is booming in Europe, and automakers are striving to meet the diverse requirements of their customers. Citroen’s upcoming C3 Aircross aims to occupy the bulk of its class in terms of size and practicality, featuring a three-row, seven-seat configuration. Despite this, the price is expected to be more affordable, creating a budget-friendly family SUV with mild-hybrid and all-electric powertrain options.

Last month, the 2024 Citroen C3 Aircross made an unexpected appearance in an official teaser during the unveiling of the all-new e-C3 small electric car. Taking advantage of the hints in the teaser, our artists have created new designs for this B-segment or compact SUV, complemented by the latest details about its specifications and features.

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Official teaser images of the 2024 Citroen C3 Aircross

The C3 Aircross is expected to look similar to the ‘New C3 Aircross’ that was unveiled in May 2023 for emerging markets such as India, Southeast Asia and South America. However, despite the shared components, the European-spec version will feature more modern exterior styling, a chassis setup tailored to the region, and a host of advanced safety and technology features.

As shown through teasers and speculative renderings, the C3 Aircross is inspired by the 2022 Citroen Oli concept, offering a larger take on the e-C3 supermini. Notable design features include the new Citroën double-oval badge, a prominent front fascia devoid of the traditional grille, contemporary LED headlights, and large cladding resembling oversized skid plates flanking the bumper inlets.

Our offerings of the EU-spec C3 Aircross (above) compared to the new C3 Aircross (below) for emerging markets.

The side profile and greenhouse are expected to be identical to those of the new C3 Aircross, with the aim of reducing production and development costs. Therefore, the new generation will likely grow in size, matching the length of its South American counterpart at 4.32 meters (170.1 inches), which exceeds the length of its predecessor by 170 mm (6.7 inches). In addition, distinctive futuristic aerodynamic wheels and revamped LED taillights will differentiate the two models, bringing the C3 Aircross more in line with European preferences.

A spacious seven-seater interior closes in on a compact SUV

A spacious and practical interior is expected to be a key selling feature for the 2024 Citroen C3 Aircross. Despite belonging to the small SUV (B-SUV) segment, Citroen has confirmed that the model will offer a spacious three-row, seven-seat configuration. It is worth noting that the only other option in this price range with a similar number of seats is the Dacia Jogger.

The larger space compared to the outgoing model will translate into more space for passengers and their luggage, bringing the C3 Aircross closer to the larger C5 Aircross. Citroën’s reputation for emphasizing comfort over sportiness suggests that the subcompact SUV will likely get the brand’s advanced comfort seats and suspension settings giving it a comfortable ride.

Interior shots of the Citroen New C3 Aircross and the European-spec e-C3 minivan

Despite its value-focused positioning, the model is expected to offer a host of new technical features. The dashboard is likely to include a new Citroen Head Up Display, to compensate for the absence of the traditional instrument cluster. Additionally, we expect the inclusion of a free-standing 10.25-inch infotainment screen, a new double-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel with integrated buttons, and spacious storage compartments throughout the dash, center console and door panels.

A new platform with mild hybrid and fully electric powertrains

The first-generation Citroen C3 Aircross, introduced in 2017 and renewed in 2021, is one of the last remaining models based on the old PSA PF1 platform, which is why it’s in desperate need of a replacement. The new model will move to a new “smart car” architecture which is a derivative of the CMP/eCMP. The same extended version of the new architecture will be used in the next generation Opel Crossland, which will also come in 2024 to continue the sibling relationship with the Citroen C3 Aircross.

The platform’s compatibility with mild hybrid and fully electric powertrains has been proven with the Citroen e-C3. While most Stellantis electric cars feature a 154 PS (156 PS / 115 kW) electric motor, the e-C3 Aircross will likely adopt the less powerful 111 PS (83 kW / 113 PS) unit found in the e-C3. It is still uncertain whether the two models will share the same 44 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery pack, or whether the seven-seat crossover will be upgraded to a larger 54 kWh battery, which Potentially providing it with an extended driving range.

The ICE-powered range is likely to focus on the recently introduced 1.2-litre PureTech 48V mild-hybrid engine which is already available in 99 PS (74 kW / 100 PS) and 134 PS (100 kW / 136 PS) variants. The 1.5-litre BlueHDi engine will be discontinued, as it is not compatible with upcoming Euro 7 emissions regulations.

The Citroen C3 Aircross and E-C3 Aircross are scheduled to debut in 2024, following the introduction of the smaller E-C3 model to the European market. Along with the closely related Opel Crossland, rivals will include the new generation Dacia Duster and seven-seat versions of the Dacia Jouger.

Note: The independent offers in this story have nothing to do with Citroën.

Illustrations: Jean-François Hubert/SB-Medien for CarScoops

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