2024 Nissan Armada loses lower trims

2024 Nissan Armada loses lower trims

The 2024 Nissan Armada full-size SUV looks much more expensive than the 2023 Nissan Armada. But the price change is mostly imaginary.

Nissan has dropped the least expensive trim level from the Armada lineup. This is a move we’ve seen from many automakers this year as Americans’ tastes continue to move upward. Luxury cars made up a near-record percentage of new car sales last month and have remained close to that record all year.

So Nissan dropped the entry-level S model from the Armada lineup for 2024. With it gone, the least expensive model becomes the much better-equipped SV 4×2 with a starting price of $55,450. That’s $4,750 more than the now-departed S model, but only $150 more than the equivalent SV model in 2023.

For the extra price, you get… well… nothing. The two cars look identical, without any major changes for the new year.

Replacement likely soon

This is likely true because the current fleet is nearing the end of its streak. We expect Nissan to introduce a replacement model for 2025. The brand’s luxury group, Infiniti, is building a full-size SUV on the same platform, the QX80. Infiniti is already showing off its replacement.

This means that much of the engineering work on the new Armada platform has already been completed. Nissan will likely start offering the all-new 2025 version soon.

However, 2024 may still be the right choice for some buyers. The Armada is the winner of the lowest 5-year cost-to-own award in this category, although the higher starting price will force new calculations. Our expert test drivers praise its “powerful V8 engine, which is becoming increasingly rare in this class” and the high level of luxury found in more expensive models.

It may not remain available only on higher-priced models. As the average price of a new car rose last year, other automakers did what Nissan does, trimming basic trims from the lineup as new car prices rose.

We’ve seen the move backfire, as Honda brought back the stripped-down LX models just a few months after canceling them earlier this year. Nissan may do the same once dealers spend a few months advertising a higher price for the same car.

Nissan Armada 2024 prices

Nissan also imposes a mandatory destination fee of $1,895 on all Armada aircraft.

pruning Management systems renewal project
Armada SV 4×2 $55,450
Armada SL 4×2 $59,270
Armada Platinum 4×2 $67,520
Armada SV 4×4 $58,450
Armada SL 4×4 $62,270
Armada Platinum 4×4 $70,520

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