2024+ Ram 1500, 2026 Dodge Durango, 2027 Ram Dakota: Everything we know

2024+ Ram 1500, 2026 Dodge Durango, 2027 Ram Dakota: Everything we know

The Ram 1500 EV and hybrid will be available in mid-2024

Under the agreement, the current Ram 1500 Light Duty will continue production at the Sterling Heights plant “through 2024.” However, it also states that there will be a “mid-cycle action” to refresh the Ram 1500 Light Duty in 2024. The agreement also states that the new Ram 1500 Light Duty will come in 2024 in two flavors: BEV and REPB in Ram STLA. Frame platform. In fact, this vehicle was unveiled today as the 2025 Ram Ramcharger at REPB (Range Electric Paradigm Breaker – Basic and Extended Range Electric Vehicle), which uses its gas engine solely as a generator for the EV powertrain. REPB could be the solution for consumers who are still hesitant to move to BEV due to range anxiety.

New mid-size truck arriving in 2027

When production of the Jeep Cherokee subcompact was discontinued after the Belvedere plant went out of business in March 2023, it looked like the plant would eventually be closed for good. The plant closure forced many UAW workers to relocate, hitting the local community hard, according to the union. The UAW was trying to save the plant and convince Stellantis to run it, but they knew that Belvidere would need a vehicle to produce it if there was any hope.

The UAW’s agreement with Stellantis will bring midsize truck production to the Belvidere assembly plant. Details are sparse but according to the UAW, the truck will begin production in 2027 and expects to produce between 80,000 and 100,000 units. The agreement doesn’t name the truck, but our best guess is that it could be the rumored Ram Dakota.

The next generation Dodge Durango is coming in 2026

The current Dodge Durango will continue production at the Detroit Assembly Complex until 2025. Then, in 2026, the next-generation Durango will be offered as a battery-electric vehicle (but an ICE version will enter production as well). A “Stealth” badge replaces the three-row Durango, but that badge did not appear at the agreement. No mention was made of a REPB version of the next-generation Durango, so there don’t appear to be any plans for Dodge SUVs or sedans to adapt the range extender technology anytime soon.

The most important takeaway from the UAW agreement seems to be that neither Dodge nor Ram is ready to completely abandon ICE any time soon. With combustion engines playing a role in both the new Ram 1500 and Dodge Durango, Stellantis seems to expect that customers aren’t ready to completely give up on dinosaur juice, even if some state governments are eager to force the EV switch.

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