2024 Toyota Prius: Latest prices, reviews, specifications, photos and incentives

2024 Toyota Prius: Latest prices, reviews, specifications, photos and incentives

Pros: Excellent fuel economy; amazing looking; Optional all-wheel drive; Fast for hybrid. Good internal storage. Cons: Small charging area; Gauges can be difficult to see; Technology can frustrate; Top Trims Are Very Expensive The 2024 Toyota Prius is the second model year of the latest generation Prius and we still haven’t gotten the hang of how radically different and better it is. It all starts with looks: not only is its design vastly superior to its predecessor, it’s one of the ugliest cars ever made, it’s actually quite gorgeous. The interior is also much more traditional in terms of design and functionality, resulting in a car that should be more attractive to those who haven’t spent the past two decades driving Priuses. Essentially, the Prius is no longer just about fuel economy. You can look good doing it and you won’t be left making sacrifices (well, the cargo space is pretty small). It also drives surprisingly well, with responsive steering, quiet suspension and surprisingly quick acceleration. In fact, the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid had us saying “whoa!” When we shot him from the station. Of course, the Prius is ultimately about fuel economy more than anything else, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. EPA estimates range between 49 and 57 mpg combined depending on model/drivetrain, which isn’t as big of a difference in terms of gas burn as it sounds. Meanwhile, the Prime can travel between 39 and 44 miles depending on trim level on electricity alone before operating as efficiently as the regular model. Add it all up, and the Prius is back at the top in terms of hybrid appeal. Now, there isn’t actually a direct competitor (at least until the 2025 Civic Hybrid arrives), but the Kia Niro and many hybrid compact SUVs exist for those who agree to sacrifice a few MPG for more passenger and cargo space. Interior and technology | Passenger and cargo space Performance and Fuel Economy What it’s like to drive | Pricing and Trim Levels | Crash ratings and safety features What’s new for 2024? After last year’s radical overhaul, the changes in 2024 are about to be insignificant. There is a new lock/unlock chime! The new integrated streaming feature lets you stream Apple Music or Amazon Music playlists through the infotainment system! The price has increased across the board by $200! Well, that’s what makes it exciting. What’s the interior technology like in the Prius? Those coming from the previous Prius generation will certainly find that things have moved up a bit inside: the shifter is now on the center console and the gauges are directly in front of the driver. For those coming from any other car, you’ll find the new Prius to be acceptably ordinary. This applies to both function and appearance, but regarding the latter, it is an attractive design that does not lose itself to its technical elements. Material quality is better than the last Prius and is above average for eco-friendly cars in this price range, too. …
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