2025 Genesis GV80 preview: Subtly unnerving the Germans

2025 Genesis GV80 preview: Subtly unnerving the Germans

John Krestsky, the automaker’s North American chief designer, introduces the 2025 Genesis GV80 and GV80 Coupe. Alex Kwanten

It’s been nearly four years since the Genesis GV80 helped put the Korean luxury brand on the map for most consumers, and now it’s time for a refresh. The company’s first SUV, the GV80’s luxurious style, capable driving dynamics and enviable value proposition may have aged like fine wine in those long, turbulent years, but time waits for no automaker. At a preview yesterday in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, Genesis revealed the updated North American versions of the 2025 GV80 and its new sibling, the GV80 Coupe.

Genesis has wisely chosen not to tinker with success While the coupe is an all-new addition to the lineup that will offer an optional more powerful engine than the regular GV80, the other changes are largely evolutionary. There are new wheels and subtle visual tweaks to the GV80’s regular exterior styling, but the major upgrades come in the form of a major interior refresh shared with both body styles.

Pricing won’t be revealed until closer to the vehicles’ on-sale date, likely next spring, but the updates look like solid improvements to an already compelling vehicle.

Inside the 2025 Genesis GV80

The centerpiece of the GV80’s redesigned interior is the 27-inch OLED display, which replaces the outdated instrument cluster and 14.5-inch center screen from previous years. It’s a very clean look that mirrors the large screens seen in the latest BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals while having a style all its own. The center console has also been redesigned, placing the HVAC system and some other controls slightly higher and closer to the driver’s position line.

On the plus side, the screen looks great and is easier to access than the old unit. It’s also a very clean look, which John Krestsky, chief designer of North America at Genesis, refers to as defined by white space.

Knobs remain for functions like adjusting temperature and volume, but physical buttons, which were already few in previous GV80s, are almost completely gone. Only time will tell if drivers like it more or not, but it looks even cooler. Genesis did not comment on whether the screen would contain any operating system updates or new digital assistants.

2025 Genesis GV80
A redesigned dashboard and console are the biggest changes inside the 2025 Genesis GV80. Both the regular version and the coupe will use the same trim, but the coupe will have a few of its own materials and upholstery designs. origin

As in previous GV80s, the luxurious high-touch materials and beautiful diamond patterns and stitching remain, only now there will be two-tone steering wheels. There are also larger cup holders, a new pedal design, and a redesigned wireless charging tray. Again, evolution, not revolution.

On the outside, the regular GV80 gets a subtly updated front fascia that blends the large grille more seamlessly and highlights the two-line lighting signatures that have become a trademark of the brand. There are also new 20- and 22-inch wheel designs and twelve colours, including Storr Green, which Krestsky says takes its name from the famous rock formation on Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

Under the hood, the GV80’s 300-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder and 375-hp 3.5-liter V6 engines will continue, as will most of the mechanical bits and standard all-wheel drive. The updated front fascia includes a revised skid plate, and Forbes wheels The GV80 has been taken off-road, but that’s not what most owners use it for.

GV80 Coupe: elegance and speed

When the GV80 Coupe prototype showed up in New York last April, it looked very close to being production ready, and now it’s here. Meant to compete with other mid-sized luxury “crossover coupes”, namely the Audi Q8, BMW X6, Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe and Porsche Cayenne Coupe, this new model is the first true entry of a non-German car into this space. Infiniti makes a smaller QX55 aimed at the Audi Q5 Sportback and BMW X4, but Genesis targets more demanding buyers.

“Cross-cross coupes”, of course, are replaced by flash. Genesis didn’t offer a comment on the size of the GV80 Coupe’s luggage compartment, but upon casual inspection, it doesn’t appear to lose quite as much space as some of its regular-version variants. Exact specifications may be lacking, but the GV80 Coupe certainly isn’t.

Appearance is always in the eye of the beholder, but the GV80 Coupe turns heads. It’s cleaner and sportier than the X6 and distinctly more premium than an Audi or Porsche, and the updated interior design from the regular GV80 continues, giving it a very contemporary look compared to other cars. To differentiate its interior from its upright sibling, the coupe will also get its own upholstery patterns, pedals and steering wheel as well as ‘Carbon Garnish’ trim.

2025 Genesis GV80 Coupe
Coupe-crossovers are a narrow, style-conscious segment, but the GV80 Coupe looks as sleek and muscular as the prototype did earlier this year. It is sure to leave an impression on consumers. Alex Kwanten

All of this equates to a racier look, and Genesis will back that up with extra performance, although it seems fair to say the company isn’t targeting models like the $128,000, 603-hp Mercedes-AMG GLE63. The company says there will be two GV80 Coupe engines but has confirmed the existence of only one. That engine is the twin-turbo 3.5T e-SC V6 from the G90, e-SC standing for 48-volt electric supercharger. This engine generates 409 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque in the G90, and those numbers also apply to the GV80 coupe.

The second engine will likely be one of the regular GV80 engines, but we won’t know exactly what the lineup looks like until early next year. In September, when the international market versions were announced in South Korea, only these three engines were mentioned. The vehicles are expected to start arriving at dealerships next summer.

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