3 Luxury Compact SUVs More Affordable than the Maserati Grecale

If you’re in the market these days for an affordable luxury compact SUV, you might be considering the stunning Maserati Grecale. It is a dynamic and elegant entry into this segment of upscale and capable cars. It puts Maserati back on the map with critics and consumers in a big way. But if you’re on a tight budget too, keep reading.

The pricey 2023 Maserati Grecale is definitely worth a test drive. You’ll probably also like it with its impressive performance capabilities and sleek design. But as U.S. News points out, there’s stiff competition in this luxury compact SUV segment. What buyers need to know is that there are other more affordable contenders. Today, we are going to share with you three cars that might make you think twice about the Maserati Grecale.

The highly rated Maserati Grecale is worth a look

The 2023 Maserati Grecale is an absolute winner among critics and consumers alike. Some say this is the best contribution Maserati has made to the Italian automaker in years. This luxury compact SUV exudes elegance, finesse and high-end innovation, which is why it’s now catching everyone’s attention – including your eyes.

U.S. News gave this year’s Maserati Grecale an overall score of 8.3, praising its refined ride and handling. The team also gives this SUV props for its “spacious and upscale” interior. It is a new model in the lineup that delivers solid performance.

There are three trims and engine configurations to consider. The GT comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 296 horsepower. The Modena gets a boosted version of the same engine with 325 hp. The top-level Trofeo gets a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with a capacity of 523 horsepower.

The 2023 Maserati Grecale could be the complete package. But it’ll set you back between $63,500 and $102,000, which doesn’t make it an affordable luxury compact SUV.

Three other luxury compact SUVs with affordable MSRPs

If you’re on a tight budget, you can find a few other more affordable options instead of the 2023 Maserati Grecale.

1. BMW X3 2023 attracts attention

Consider the 2023 BMW X3 for a combination of sportiness and practicality, elegantly wrapped in the front of a luxury compact SUV. The cabin is spacious and the engine is powerful in characteristic BMW style. And it’s more affordable to buy than a Maserati Grecale. This BMX X3 can be yours for $46,200 to $61,000.

2. The 2023 Genesis GV70 comes out on top

At the top of US News’ rating of this luxury SUV is another affordable alternative to the Maserati Grecale. The 2023 Genesis GV70 received a score of 8.8 from the American news team. This gem is filled with luxurious interiors and high-quality touchpoints. The cabin is stunning, the engine is powerful, and the price is beyond reasonable, ranging from $43,150 to $55,250.

3. The 2023 Acura RDX is a true performer

Imagine driving home a fully loaded Acura RDX for less than an entry-level Maserati Grecale. The RDX far exceeds its price with an exhilarating driving experience and upscale touchpoints. US News rated it an overall score of 8.2 and praised the RDX for its strong acceleration and ample cargo and passenger space. The list of standard features is enormous, and the price is just $41,350 to $53,350.

You won’t be disappointed with the 2023 Maserati Grecale, and it’s already generating buzz among luxury compact SUV buyers. But if affordability is the order of the day, there may be few better competing, more affordable luxury compact SUVs. The Maserati Grecale is certainly a winner, but you may find another option more attractive, allowing you to keep a few extra dollars in the bank.

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