5 of the most interesting bikes made by car companies today

5 of the most interesting bikes made by car companies today

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Bikes – especially e-bikes – are the thing at the moment. They are so popular that we see bike manufacturers like Moots, Santa Cruz, and others making electric-assisted bikes. And now we’re starting to see more and more car manufacturers not just e-bikes, but bikes in general.

We’ve seen a number of automakers – Peugeot, Bianchi, GMC, and others – replace two-wheel pedal power with four wheels and a motor, although it all happened in the 20th century. Below is a list of all the modern car companies that have entered the world of bicycles, some more impressive than others.

Aston Martin

(Photo: Aston Martin)

Boutique car maker (and James Bond’s favorite choice) Aston Martin has teamed up with British titanium bike maker J.Laverack for a sleek road bike that they say has no bolts called the Aston Martin J. Laverack .1R.

Aston Martin .1R brakes
(Photo: Aston Martin)

As a result, the bike feels completely smooth. You’d expect high-end road bikes at this point to have integrated bars and stems, and this bike has them too. But the titanium lugs and 3D-printed carbon fiber tubes that allow for things like a custom crankset and “the world’s first integrated brake calipers” are real highlights.

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Lotus type 136 yellow side
(Image: Lotus Cars)

Lotus recently launched the Wild Lotus Type 136, an e-road bike that they say brings Lotus’ engineering excellence to the world of bikes.

Lotus Type 136 Profile First Edition
(Image: Lotus Cars)

This isn’t the first bike Lotus Cars has gotten its hands on. Its involvement goes back to the 1992 Olympics with the Lotus Type 108. This bike is a bit different, with the HPS engine allowing the bike to hold its own. Weighing only 0.8 kg (21.6 lbs). As good as it is, its design will cost you. the price? Get £20,000/€25,000 for their First Edition bikes.

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Mini Angel commuting bike in vibrant silver
(Photo: Minnie/Angel Mobility)

Mini, the company known for making things with four wheels instead of two, has launched a new range of designer e-bikes. It was made in partnership with French e-bike company Angell Mobility and only 1,959 bikes were produced, the year Mini produced its first car.

Mini Angel e-bike with new Mini Countryman
(Photo: Minnie/Angel Mobility)

The Mini e-bike 1 has a host of features like front and rear lights, turn signals built into the handlebars, and a 2.4-inch display built into the handlebars. It bears no resemblance to the Mini Countryman crossover, but this bike crossover looks stylish nonetheless.

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3T-Exploro-Lamborghini-Special Edition Bike
(Photo: Alvin Holbrook/Velo)

This bike – the 3T Exploro Racemax Huracán Sterrato – is more of a special edition than anything else, but this collaborative bike looks special enough to be included.

3T-Exploro-Lamborghini-Special Edition-toptube
(Photo: Alvin Holbrook/Velo)

This Lamborghini bike pays homage to the Huracán Sterato. While the Huracan is a fairly standard option (for a supercar, at least), the Sterato Edition enhances the car for off-road service. It looks very similar to the latest crop of gravel bikes, such as the aer0-enhanced 3T Exploro Racemax.

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 4C bike
(Photo: Alfa Romeo/Compagna Ducale)

Alfa Romeo is a storied Italian brand, although some believe it has undergone some mismanagement over the years. Although Alfa Romeo has been back in the North American market over the past few years, you’re unlikely to see these Alfa Romeo bikes here.

There are a number of models, but the two that caught our attention were the first to feature a five-spoke Aerospoke rear wheel, dubbed the Alfa Romeo 4C. It doesn’t have the same cachet as the other bikes on this list, but the bike below – dubbed the Alfa Romeo Stradale Touring – is probably not what the average Alfa fan is looking for.

Alfa Romeo Stradale touring bike
(Photo: Alfa Romeo/Compagna Ducale)

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