A call for compromise on the dilemma of camper and motorhome users ‘in love’ with the city ‘in love with’ the city

How to solve a problem like campervans, or motorhomes for that matter? This is something some councilors and residents have been calling for in Redcar and Cleveland, and a solution has yet to be found to keep everyone happy in terms of discouraging a minority of owners who abuse any privileges and making adequate provisions for the rest. Stuart Arnold Reports.

Twelve months ago, councilors approved a motion aimed at introducing restrictions on overnight parking where campervans and caravans – typically the bigger, taller sibling of campervans – are kept overnight amid concerns that some are “taking the mic” by freely dropping their anchors. For several days and also abuse of transportation. The environment by leaving garbage and waste behind. Councilor Philip Thompson said some residential areas in Saltburn had become “in effect a caravan park with all the negative aspects associated with that and that’s what we want to address”.

The town’s then mayor, Councilor Stuart Smith, also weighed in on the debate, describing some of the car parks as a “disgrace”, blocking pavements and also claiming to have counted 45 such vehicles at one time on Marine Parade with rubbish deposited “anywhere they could find it”. “. . Councilor Alec Brown – now head of the local authority – said it was an “everyday issue” and it was a shame the tourism-reliant area did not have better facilities for people.

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“In general, we support this proposal, but with the caveat that we do not show the wider world that we are closed to visitors,” he said. Cllr Thompson emphasized that his proposal indicated that the council should welcome all visitors, whatever their means of transport. “It’s not just about saying you can’t park here,” he said at the time.

“We need a disincentive through legislation and an incentive through adequate and appropriate provisions, which is lacking.” The proposal is still being implemented, with two troublesome sites later identified, Marine Parade and The Stray in Redcar, with the council issuing a traffic regulation order to enforce a four-hour parking limit at the latter site as a councilor complained about the vehicles. Stay for months.

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Meanwhile, Marine Parade was recently the subject of a protest rally by some local residents over council plans to add 125 net parking spaces, which would see the bays reconfigured and shifted at right angles, the road widened, and the upper promenade narrowed. .

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