A food truck in Bucyrus may be subject to toll regulations

A food truck in Bucyrus may be subject to toll regulations

The growing popularity of food trucks in the area sparked discussion at Monday’s meeting of the City of Bucyrus’ Zoning Board of Appeals.

“Food trucks are not regulated in our codes,” said Planning, Zoning, Floodplain and IT Director John Rostash. “This is not regulated in the downtown business district or in our zoning code anywhere.”


Before addressing the issue, the city looked at other communities’ ordinances and decided to open a discussion about ways to license or allow food trucks in the downtown business district, he said.

“There are a lot of communities that organize it,” Rostash said.

Other communities have permit fees paid by food truck vendors, ranging from daily and monthly contributions to semi-annual and annual permit fees, he said. Most of them require Department of Health inspection.

Rostash points out that Crawford County Health Commissioner Kitty Seifert conducts annual inspections of food trucks, the health department said. He continued that most food trucks are subject to inspection by the home county regardless of their trips within the state.

Board member Dennis Tenor said the food truck licensing process in Bucyrus should be simple, so as not to create additional barriers.

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