A Harwinton man is accused of pointing a gun at a driver during an alleged road rage incident

A Harwinton man is accused of pointing a gun at a driver during an alleged road rage incident

Screenshot by Kenneth Mack. (Source: Connecticut State Police)

Harwinton, Connecticut. (WTNH) – A man has been charged with threatening and brandishing a firearm during an alleged road rage incident Thursday in Harwinton, according to Connecticut State Police.

Connecticut State Police Troopers L received a report of a threatening road rage incident at 2:37 PM on Route 4 near Berg Park Road in Harwinton.

The victim told police they were driving behind a red Dodge Ram pickup truck when it suddenly stopped. The victim was able to avoid hitting the car but said the driver of the Dodge Ram began making hand gestures out the window.

Both vehicles then resumed driving on Route 4 but the Dodge Ram driver then “brake checked” the victim several times. During this interaction, the victim alleged that the driver of the Dodge Ram raised a gun and pointed it out the window in his direction.

The victim later provided police with a description of the driver, the pickup truck, and the license plate number.

Troopers then made inquiries about the registration plate and learned it was associated with a Dodge Ram pickup truck registered to Kenneth Mack, 64, of Harwinton. Troopers said a photo of Mack’s license plate matched the description of the suspect in the alleged road rage incident.

A trooper then drove near Mack’s home address and noticed a Dodge Ram pickup truck matching the description of the suspect vehicle. Shortly thereafter, forces arrested Mack at his home.

Mack spoke to police about the allegations and said he owned firearms, including a rifle, but denied carrying them in his truck.

When the soldiers asked Mack about these allegations, he admitted that there had been an incident that involved only the exchange of hand gestures and words. Police said Mack claimed he had to defend himself, but did not provide additional details about the comment.

The court then authorized search warrants for Mack’s truck and home. During the execution of warrants, two firearms were located and seized from Mack’s residence including a 12 gauge shotgun.

Detectives placed Mack under arrest and charged him with second-degree breach of peace and first-degree menacing by displaying a firearm, police said.

The bail commissioner set Mack’s bond at $1 million. He was held on bail and transported to the New Haven Correctional Center to await his appearance in Torrington Superior Court on Friday.

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