A man who allegedly tried to hit people with a truck in a Boulder park has been charged with attempted murder

Police are also investigating charges of driving under the influence of methamphetamine.

Police say a suspect who was trying to run over people with his truck in Boulder, Colorado, park on Tuesday morning has been charged with attempted murder.

Boulder 911 received its first emergency call at about 6:26 a.m. Central time, with a caller reporting that someone was driving through Boulder’s Central Park trying to run people over, police said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Officers arrived at the scene about a minute later, but the truck was gone.

After a search involving officers and the police department’s drone team, the vehicle was eventually found in the parking lot with extensive damage, according to authorities. Officials said there was significant damage to the park as well.

After recovering the car, the authorities began searching for the identity of the car’s owner. Police said patrol officers found the driver on foot and confirmed that the man was the car’s owner.

Police arrested the suspect, Bruce A. Two thousand later in the morning. He was charged with four counts of attempted first-degree murder, according to police. ABC News has been unable to locate a legal representative for the suspect.

Between the time of the incident at the park and his arrest, the suspect broke into an animal hospital, authorities said. Police said he was injured in the process. They are currently looking into charges related to the alleged robbery.

Police said they were also investigating charges of driving under the influence of drugs, particularly methamphetamine.

No one was injured, Boulder police said in a post on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Despite some incredibly close calls, the driver narrowly missed hitting several people who ran to get away,” their post read. “The suspect drove in and out of the park several times and struck several pieces of property, enough to require the city to close the park with fencing for repairs.”

At a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Boulder Police Chief Maris Harrold said the incident was “really scary.”

“The scary thing about this is that if people had been sleeping in their sleeping bags this morning, there would have been a significant number of casualties in this event,” Chief Maris Harold also said, adding that the driver ran over some empty sleeping bags.

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