A piglet is rescued after it falls from a truck on an Ohio highway

Have you ever seen an escaped pig crossing a busy highway? After falling from a transport truck, a frightened piglet becomes the subject of a “Highway Pig Rescue” mission.

Side-by-side photos of an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper holding a rescued piglet
Source: Ohio State Highway Patrol / Facebook

Surely you’ve heard the phrase “when pigs fly,” but have you heard of “when pigs run down an Ohio highway”? The last set of words isn’t a real language, but one little pig’s escape might change that.

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When Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers were notified of a piglet running across U.S. Route 35 in Ross County, it became clear the frightened piglet had fallen from a transport truck. Even though she took a hard tumble, and suffered a few skin rashes along the way, this little pig’s accidental rescue left her crying “wee, wee, wee” all the way to her new home.

Side by side photos of a rescued pink piglet in a box
Source: Ross County Humane Society / Facebook

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s mini pig rescue mission included locating a forever home.

In a video shared on the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Facebook page on Sept. 8, 2023, two troopers work to subdue hogs squirming in weeds and grass adjacent to U.S. Route 35. They have supposedly escaped from the truck and are on their way to slaughter. For the meat industry.

When they finally caught the screaming animal, she was immediately transported to an OSHP vehicle.

“This little pig never made it to market. Instead, Pearl, as she was affectionately called, was seen running down US Route 35 in Ross County. Watch as troopers from the Chillicothe Post swung into action to ensure a highway for this little escapee.” Adventure to a safe end,” the video caption read.

A soldier can be heard in the video uttering the phrase, “What now?” The Pearl Pig – which wouldn’t become someone’s crispy bacon – wouldn’t necessarily make the best OSHP mascot; The soldiers knew she needed a forever home that suited her needs.

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The rescued pig — named Pearl Pancetta — was brought to the Ross County Humane Society.

“Pearl was transported to the Ross County Humane Society, where they found her a new home to live out her days,” the video caption continues.

Since 1912, the Ross County Humane Society has been committed to “the public welfare, housing and placement of animals, the prevention of cruelty and overpopulation, and education regarding the humane treatment of all living creatures,” according to its official website.

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“Pearl Pancetta is one lucky pig,” RCHS wrote in a Facebook post, detailing her wild journey. “Pearl appears to have some road rash but no serious injuries. She is currently crashing at the home of an employee who wanted to keep her but the husband said no for a 600 pound pet. We have suggested divorce but it is not an option.”

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A rescued pink piglet sleeps in a box with blankets
Source: Ross County Humane Society / Facebook

The nonprofit’s post conveys that “Pearl will be joining some pot-bellied friends in a few days where she will live out her life and not become pancetta,” though it’s not entirely clear where this pig oasis is located. However, by the looks of the attached photos – which show Pearl wearing cozy sweaters and covered in fuzzy blankets – it looks like the rest of Pearl’s days will be uneventful.

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