A truck collides with the TN couple’s cars in the driveway

A truck collides with the TN couple’s cars in the driveway

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — A close call to a Spring Hill couple and their dogs last week led to a police investigation and a Facebook campaign to arrest a hit-and-run driver.

Just before 10pm on Friday, October 27, Nicholas Gaylan, 27, and his fiancée Laura Belrose, 26, returned to their Kedron Road home after working out.

The couple said they were in the front yard playing with their dogs, when they suddenly heard a crash. They looked up and saw a pickup truck leaving Kedron Road and speeding through the field next to their house.

The couple estimated the truck was traveling at about 55 miles per hour, with no signs of slowing down or hesitating, and said it was headed straight toward them.

According to Gillan and Belrose, they took their dogs and ran as the truck swerved, nearly hitting a tree next to their house, as well as the parking garage.

The couple’s home security camera captured the close call when the truck smashed into the 1991 Mazda Miata of Gillan, which he was renovating. The car collapsed.

The force of the impact also caused the Miata to hit Belrose’s Mazda CX5. She said the doors and trunk would no longer open on her SUV, which was badly damaged.

Belrose described seeing the speeding truck heading towards them as surreal, as if they were in a movie: “I screamed and we ran and the dogs ran with us, thank God.”

Ceylan said the truck made a rattling sound as it left the road. He estimated it dropped 5 to 10 feet.

“It was just such a huge noise that I can’t even describe it. I still almost shudder when I think about it,” Bellerose recalled. “It was absolutely crazy… The fact that it was coming towards us, all we could do was “Running for our lives.”

Thanks to truck parts left at the scene and video, Gillan and Belrose told News 2 they believe the pickup truck is a 2018 or newer Ford F250 XL, possibly diesel-powered.

During the collision, the back cover of the truck reportedly flew off, so the couple is now using it in their front yard like a billboard to raise awareness of the accident that occurred there.

The couple is offering a $200 reward for information leading to their arrest. Spring Hill authorities said they are also investigating the crime, which would constitute reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident.

If you have any information about the pickup truck involved in Friday night’s hit-and-run — which likely has damage to the front end, lights on above the windshield, and missing parts — you’re asked to contact the Spring Hill Police Department at 931-486-2632.

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