A woman claims that hay bales flew off the truck on Colorado Highway 52, hitting the truck and causing damage.

A woman claims that hay bales flew off the truck on Colorado Highway 52, hitting the truck and causing damage.

A Weld County woman remembers some scary moments after a hay bale collided with her truck on the highway in Hudson on Saturday night, resulting in extensive damage. Kayla Davis, a wife and mother of two, was driving on Highway 52 toward Dacono to pick up her daughter when suddenly bales of hay flew off a truck and hit her truck.

“The first thing I thought was, ‘Oh my God, we can’t afford this,’ because there’s no way we can fix this,” Davis said.

Kayla Davis says hay bales flew off a truck near Dacano and hit her truck, causing major damage.


Davis says her family is currently living paycheck to paycheck, and with Christmas approaching, they can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars to fix their car. The family purchased the truck four months ago, and it is the vehicle used to transport the children to school and after-school activities.

Dacono is located about 30 miles north of Denver.

“I started to panic, and the police officer had to calm me down over the phone because I was starting to get scared,” Davis said.

Hay scattered along Highway 52 near Dacano.

Kayla Davis

Davis wants to warn people to be careful while on the roads, and is asking those with merchandise and hay bales to be aware of others on the roads.

“There’s a lot of hay, there’s a lot of farming, and I just want people to be aware of what it can really do to a vehicle or a person,” Davis added.

The other driver was heading in the opposite direction and Davis says they never stopped.

“It was so much, there was no way he couldn’t see it falling. There was a lot of straw that had fallen, and when we went back and got footage of all the straw, it was all still there,” he said. Davis.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, the hauler is responsible for loose goods on the road, but without the other driver coming forward, there is little to no chance of knowing who is responsible.

Kayla Davis’ truck with hay stuck in the grill

Kayla Davis

“I feel in my heart that they knew it went down, but I understand if it was an accident and maybe he saw it or it was reported, he would be aware of it and would make sure his stuff was tied up better,” Davis said. .

Financial pressures have made things worse for their family, but they are currently accepting donations. Davis did not suffer any injuries but is still in mental and emotional shock from the incident.

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