A zero-emissions 2027 Nissan EV pickup truck is being envisioned with a killer $40,000 price tag

In North America, the full-size pickup truck wars are about to heat up with the upcoming expansion of the electric vehicle format. But what about the smaller entries in this field?

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In the beginning, there was only the giant GMC Hummer Eve, the new Rivian R1T in the electric car lineup, in addition to the mighty Ford F-150 Lightning. After that, there was huge public interest and several production setbacks, so automakers raised prices to ensure continued (huge) profits.

But Tesla did something unheard of before — it cut prices on electric passenger cars and crossovers — sparking public outcry from its longtime OEM rivals, greedy investors, and specialists. The public may want to take advantage of the affordable MSRP climate as much as possible, because it probably won’t last long.

Also soon, the full-size pickup truck segment will welcome more electric vehicles — the 2024 (or should we say 2025?) Chevrolet Silverado EV, the 2024 GMC Sierra EV’s sibling, plus the Ram 1500 REV, plus the funky model. Tesla Cybertruck. Many are wondering if the latter will change the game forever – not only with its bold looks, but perhaps also with its aggressive pricing strategy?

In any case, the main reason automakers charge such high prices for large EV-powered pickup trucks is simple: huge bodies need huge battery packs to give them a semblance of normal range, especially when hauling large loads or… Hauling huge objects. However, they can’t remain the only ones – pickup trucks with electric vehicles are bound to appear sooner or later.

Rivian is already well on its way to delivering such a promise of something more compact and affordable as it develops its second architecture (R2) EV to support another off-road-focused pickup truck. SUVs, tentatively called R2T and R2S. But of course they won’t be the only ones, according to rumours.

For example, Hello cars The YouTube channel always tries to provide new information about cars that is quickly supported with their virtual designs; And now, there are some computer-generated ideas about a new Nissan electric car coming after the middle of the decade. According to whispers they’ve heard from the factory, the Japanese automaker is content with the first generation of the North American-focused Nissan Frontier midsize pickup truck, and the next iteration of the truck could be delayed until 2029.

Don’t worry, to fill the gap in the meantime, there will be a different product aimed at the new electric vehicle segment – ​​a zero-emission mid-size pickup truck. According to the channel’s host, this vehicle will be a flagship, a $40,000 pickup truck. Naturally, our resident pixel expert also had some thoughts on what could make Nissan’s electric truck a hit in the market – and shared his yellow and gray thoughts. What do you think? Should Nissan make an affordable electric midsize pickup truck or not?

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