Airstream Interstate 19X: An off-road-capable motorhome, but now more compact

Less is more. Airstream’s business model isn’t based on living up to outdated clichés, but it is He is Focused on offering options for all types of adventurers – and making a profit. The new Highway 19X is one way to do both.

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Airstream has been in the Class B motorhome market since 2004 — the same market that’s expected to jump 50% by 2027. The entire #vanlife craze may be a product of the international health crisis of 2020, but it’s more than just a passing trend: It’s a new way of life, and it’s here to stay.

For Airstream, maker of one of the world’s most popular travel trailers, this means it’s a good time to expand its line of campervans. This time, Airstream has taken its popular Interstate 24 Class B motorhome and moved it to a more compact platform. “Small footprint, big adventure” is one of the slogans for the new Interstate 19X camper, and it lives up to it.

In other words, the Airstream Interstate 19X introduced in early September 2023 is the old Airstream Interstate 24X but in a more compact package, now measuring just 19 feet (5.8 meters) in length. It’s fully capable off-road and offers similar autonomy in the camper and the same kind of reliability and comfort, but it’s smaller, making it nimble and vastly more versatile. It’s a smaller but better example, if you will.

The Airstream Interstate 19X offers off-road and off-grid capabilities in a more compact package

Image: Airstream

The Interstate 19X sits on a 144-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Extended 4×4 platform chassis, with a 188-hp 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 as standard. Optionally, you can upgrade it to all-wheel drive and you’ll get a 211-horsepower four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Either option comes with off-pavement protection: black paint on the underside, bumpers, a hood to protect against rock dents and dents, and a Tenzing brush guard with integrated LED lights up front, both of which are standard. The truck is painted in Iridium Silver Metallic, which is offered as a single option and serves as a nice contrast to the black protective paint.

The Interstate 19X rides on 17-inch black aluminum wheels wrapped in 245/70R17 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires and features black running boards and LED underbody lights. An extendable patio awning, outdoor shower and outdoor gear wash station are also provided as standard, as are roof-mounted solar panels totaling 250 watts but can be optionally increased for greater camp independence.

The Airstream Interstate 19X offers off-road and off-grid capabilities in a more compact package

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The 19X looks sturdy and it’s meant to be, no matter where you plan to go. It’s small and nimble enough to fit in the city and will be easy to operate on highways. But it’s just as capable off the beaten track, which Airstream promises will carry you safely and comfortably.

Once you get to camp, wherever it may be, Highway 19X becomes your home away from home, with all the amenities you’ll need. These include a kitchen and bathroom on board and a sleeping area that converts to a dinette or work space during the day.

Because it works with a smaller footprint, the Airstream operates with 19X highway modularity, including an L-track on the roof for adding or removing furniture and convertible seating. A range of on-floor and above-ground storage options and convertible furniture turn this small space into a comfortable base camp, adaptable to your needs at all times.

The Airstream Interstate 19X offers off-road and off-grid capabilities in a more compact package

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The interior is Red Rock with premium black leather, red piping and aluminum on the floor, roof and windows. After all this He is Airstream, even if it’s not the type that immediately comes to mind when you say the name.

The kitchen is quite compact, but still has room for a 1000-watt single-burner electric stove that you can store when not in use, a small refrigerator and freezer, a small sink, and a microwave. The space is also accessible from the outside, meaning you can expand the living space under the awning when weather permits.

The bathroom is damp, but it does the job and, perhaps just as importantly, provides enclosed quarters with a draining toilet. Unlike most vanlifers, the No. 1 and 2 won’t go on the kitchen floor in a cassette toilet you dug out of one of the cabinets.

The Airstream Interstate 19X offers off-road and off-grid capabilities in a more compact package

Image: Airstream

Standard equipment includes a fresh, gray, and black water tank with capacities of 20, 16, and 9 gallons respectively (75, 60, and 43 L), a propane generator, a 2,000-watt inverter, and two 100-amp batteries. The solar pack can be upgraded to an E1 pack for greater autonomy. A 13,000 BTU non-duct air conditioner and Truma Combi diesel furnace/water heater keep the interior comfortable no matter the temperatures outside.

Introduced in early September, the 2024 Airstream Interstate 19X became available at Airstream dealers on September 12 with a starting price of $199,940. The good news is that it costs less than $200,000. The bad news is that it’s priced just a hair under $200,000.

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