‘All-new, completely redesigned’ 2025 Subaru SUV debuts at Los Angeles Auto Show

‘All-new, completely redesigned’ 2025 Subaru SUV debuts at Los Angeles Auto Show

Subaru will bring the all-new and completely redesigned SUV to the Los Angeles Auto Show. Could it be the new Forester or Ascent? Only time will tell

16 hours ago

Subaru has been making a string of debuts in recent months. After introducing the BRZ tS and WRX TR, the automaker is set to unveil a more comprehensively revamped next-generation product at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 16.

Although we know when it will be revealed, we don’t yet know what it is, as Subaru has only provided one image of the “all-new, completely redesigned vehicle” making its global debut. However, it calls the new car an SUV, which narrows its scope somewhat.

Subaru’s SUV lineup consists of the Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Ascent, and Solterra. We can be reasonably sure it’s not a Crosstrek or Outback, as those vehicles were renewed in 2022 and 2020, respectively. The same goes for the Solterra, which has only been in production since last year.

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That leaves the Forester and Ascent, both of which have been around since 2019. Although neither are that old, they are nearing the age when the automaker might start considering a generational change.

While the Ascent is the more U.S.-focused product — making Los Angeles a great place for its global debut — the cladding on the side of the SUV in the teaser looks more like the Forester’s current plastic trim.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about what Subaru has planned for the car. However, we know it has expressed interest in electrification, which could mean the updated car gets a hybrid powertrain (the Forester has already been offered with hybrid power in some parts of the world).

Currently, both models are offered with Subaru’s preferred engine, the flat-four. In North America, the Forester has a displacement of 2.5 liters, while the Ascent has a displacement of only 2.4 liters, but is turbocharged. This helps it produce 260 hp (194 kW / 264 hp), compared to the Forester’s 182 hp (136 kW / 185 hp).

Check back with us on November 16, at 9:40 a.m. PT (12:40 p.m. ET) to learn more about what Subaru has in store.

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