All-new Subaru Ascent three-row midsize crossover unofficially joins Fresh Forester

All-new Subaru Ascent three-row midsize crossover unofficially joins Fresh Forester

Just before the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show got underway, there was debate among Subaru fans over which model deserved the honor of stealing the event’s spotlight on the red carpet.

Subaru isn’t as big as Toyota, Honda, or Nissan, but like Mazda, it has a large following among car enthusiasts. Recently, the 2023 JD Power Customer Loyalty Study ranked the brand among top honors among mass-market brands SUVs Owners with a loyalty rate of over 61%.

This bodes well for the company’s launch at the Los Angeles Auto Show – the all-new 2025 Subaru Forester, which features a sleeker, more modern interior, new exterior design and advanced technology. “The sixth generation SUV offers the most advanced features, modern design and improved driving comfort in its history,” Subaru said when it introduced the new Forester in Los Angeles.

But this may just be the beginning of the refresh process across Subaru’s global platform, which is now more challenging than ever. Subaru still has three other crossovers on sale in America – the base Crosstrek, the popular Outback, and the flagship Ascent. They obviously won’t be changing to the Crosstrek anytime soon because the third generation was introduced in 2022 for the 2024 model year. They’re also not going to give us a new Outback because that one is only two years older than the Crosstrek.

So, that leaves us with the Ascent midsize SUV with three rows of seating that succeeded the Tribeca name in 2018. That makes it Subaru’s oldest CUV across its North American roster — and a prime contender for rumor mills to be the next to get an all-new iteration. The fantasy world of digital car content creators even thought it could make it to the Los Angeles Auto Show before they found out that the 2025 Forester was, in fact, hogging prime time.

But that didn’t stop them from continuing to film their visions of the upcoming next ascension. Polo Tu is an eponymous automotive news video channel on YouTube – which also shares dreams of new models created with the help of (some) AI software. The unofficial 2025 Subaru Ascent concept doesn’t look like a traditional Subie — it’s more like a Ford, if you ask us, at least from the front. But if you look at the back of the car, it’s back to the usual Subaru business.

So, do you think Subaru will completely change the face of its flagship CUV anytime soon? If not, don’t worry, because the resident pixel master has used the help of AI to come up with some alternate styles for their hypothetical 2025 Rally that closely matches what Subaru fans consider the brand’s current design. As for the transmission systems, we don’t expect many changes – perhaps just the addition of a hybrid unit from Toyota alongside the Subaru Boxer, of course.

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