Ameren Illinois is embracing electric vehicles in its fleet

MARYVILLE — While some people may not think of electric utilities for a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs), it makes sense to make the connection.

A visit to the Ameren Illinois operations center here last week showed the company has electric vehicles and a compressed natural gas station for employee use.

Maryville and Peoria are home to Ameren operations centers, which also provide on-site support for some of the company’s vendors, said Elizabeth Daiber, Ameren Illinois fleet supervisor. She added that there are four mechanics working in Maryville.

One of the company’s newest vehicles to get electrified are the line trucks used by line workers in the field. Craig Isaac, a line worker, talked about how a jobsite energy management system (JEMS) works.

He’s been using an electric version of a Ford F-550 medium-duty truck for a few weeks. The boom and outriggers on the truck in this example are battery powered, not powered by the truck’s diesel engine, which remains off while the truck is parked.

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