An airplane collides with a pickup truck as it is being towed into a hangar at Logan Airport

An American Airlines plane struck an unmanned pickup truck Saturday evening at Boston’s Logan International Airport, officials said.

An Airbus A319 contacted the truck, also belonging to American Airlines, about 9:45 p.m., while the plane was parked in a cargo hangar for overnight parking, according to data provided by state police and the Federal Aviation Administration. The truck was damaged, as was the plane’s engine, according to state police.

American Airlines said in a statement that there were no passengers on the plane or passengers in the truck when the accident occurred, and there were no reports of any injuries. The plane has been taken out of service for inspection and repair, according to American Airlines.

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the incident. No other information was immediately available.

The incident comes on the heels of a series of safety issues at the airport that have led to FAA investigations in recent months.

On Sept. 11, a United Airlines plane had to abort its landing in Logan because the plane that landed was still on the runway, officials said.

The FAA said in a statement that an air traffic controller asked the pilot of United Airlines Flight 2267 to “do a go-around” around 10:45 p.m. A “detour” occurs when a flight is forced to abort its landing due to concerns that it may not be able to land safely, according to San Francisco International Airport.

In February, a private plane took off from Logan without permission and nearly collided with a JetBlue plane that was trying to land, the National Transportation Safety Board said in April. Investigators criticized the actions of the crew on board the LearJet, operated by Hop-A-Jet, a private charter company based in Florida.

On March 6, the wing of one United plane collided with the wing of a second United plane at a nearby gate as the first plane pulled away from the terminal, airline officials said.

In June, a United Airlines flight collided with the tail of a Delta plane, the airline said in statements reported by

On August 14, an American Airlines flight out of Logan had to cancel takeoff after close contact with a Spirit Airlines plane. “The controller revoked takeoff clearance for the American Airlines Boeing 737 out of an abundance of caution,” the FAA said.

Material from previous Globe stories was used in this report.

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