An inconspicuous truck bed hides a game-changing design with a unique desk

An inconspicuous truck bed hides a game-changing design with a unique desk

Innovation has become an increasing challenge when it comes to campervans. But that doesn’t stop creative people from coming up with all kinds of new designs that really break the norm. Today, I’ll be introducing one such rig, a pioneering and unique Ford E-350 box truck designed by Quin.

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Image: YouTube Screenshot / Tiny Home Tours

It stands to reason that most people wouldn’t risk changing the truck building formula. Why bother with something new when there are so many tried and tested designs and layouts out there?

That’s one way to see it. On the other hand, and I hope I’m not going too deep into this, once you stop innovating, you also eliminate the opportunity for growth. This applies to everything you do, not just campers. What’s more, you never know when you’ll find the next big thing, in this case, a new approach to building minivans that could redefine what it means to live in a tiny house on wheels.

Quinn is a traveling photographer with a passion for design and construction, which clearly shows in his work. Of course, it is difficult, if not impossible, to create an innovative design when this is your first project. For example, this box truck is Quinn’s seventh project, and was designed and built for one of his friends.

Before we get into the details, you should know that this car is not intended as a full-time home. Instead, Quinn sees it as more of a mobile office that can be converted into a hotel room.

The inconspicuous truck bed conceals a game-changing design with a unique desk

Image: YouTube Screenshot / Tiny Home Tours

From the outside, this platform looks like a regular box truck, with no signs of its DNA. Step through the main door on the passenger side of the truck, and you’ll discover a finely crafted interior made almost entirely of poplar wood.

I’m in love with the windows Quinn added toward the front of the interior—he used rice paper and lights behind the windows to create a glowing, Japanese-design-inspired home aesthetic.

Despite not having a lot of space, Quin was able to come up with a practical design that maximizes every inch of space. He created a wall to separate the driver’s cabin from the living area and added a pass-through door.

Just at the entrance, there is a long bench. Half of it is an electrical system, consisting of a DC/DC charger, a 3000-watt inverter, a charge controller, and a 300-amp lithium battery pack. The other half hides a sliding toilet.

The inconspicuous truck bed conceals a game-changing design with a unique desk

Image: YouTube Screenshot / Tiny Home Tours

Quinn created the main storage space for this box truck above the driver’s cab. There is enough space to fit larger items.

Since this one is designed to resemble an office rather than a home, the kitchen is not well equipped. Quinn packed some basics, like a 75-liter (20-gallon) Dometic refrigerator/freezer box and a small oven. You’ll also notice other simple additions, like a folding table, a water jug, and a portable induction stove. Instead of a sink, Quinn uses a plastic chamber that sits underneath the jug.

On the driver’s side of the interior, you’ll find a large swivel table and a large bench with a Webasto heater and some extra free space underneath. For storage, Quin uses various drawers and cabinets.

Other notable elements in this area are the pop-up power outlets and two dimmable floating lights in keeping with the Japanese aesthetic. However, during the day, you won’t have to use any lights, as there is a massive skylight at the top. Another cool thing is a large display screen that can be lowered to cover most of the driver’s cabin wall.

The inconspicuous truck bed conceals a game-changing design with a unique desk

Image: YouTube Screenshot / Tiny Home Tours

Next, we have the office/sitting area. You will discover two spacious sofas and a table installed between them. This entire section is installed on a HappiJac lift. Quin can lift it up to reveal a massive 5-by-5-foot surface underneath, which can be retracted to expand the square footage of this platform.

The deck comes with foldable legs, which support the weight of the deck. What’s more, you can pull the two sofas out, onto the deck, moving the living room outside. This is the outstanding feature.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the craziest part of the build. The most unique feature is that you can remove the skylight glass and raise the chair and table through the ceiling, creating a rooftop office. I’ve never seen anything remotely similar on a camper platform. However, there is a slight problem: since the skylight glass can be removed, water sometimes leaks through the ceiling.

The desk area in the box truck can be transformed into a spacious bedroom by removing the table, adding a piece of wood in the middle, and rearranging the pillows. What’s more, Quinn added a second, streaming-capable monitor on the side wall, allowing you to watch a movie while lying in bed.

Overall, it’s impressive what Quinn was able to accomplish with this box truck build. It may not be a full-time mobile home, but it’s definitely one of the most unique mobile offices you can work in.

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