Auction: 62k miles 2003 Dodge Dakota R/T Club Cab

Auction: 62k miles 2003 Dodge Dakota R/T Club Cab

With the auto market boasting that electric cars are the future, those who love our V8 cars are snapping them up at a record pace. For some Dodge (err Ram Truck) fans, the midsize truck has been on the wish list since the Dakota ended production in 2011. And because the Dakota checks the boxes on both lists, it has become highly desirable in recent years.

2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 5.9LR/T. (Bring a trailer).

Currently on the famous car auction website, this 2003 Dodge Dakota 5.9LR/T Club Cab is a relic of a bygone era, with just 62,000 miles on its odometer. Rolling off the sunny roads of California, this R/T Club Cab shines in lustrous silver, a sparkling testament to its well-preserved history.

Under the hood lies the heart of this roaring machine – the 5.9-liter (360 cubic inch) MAGNUM V8, a symbol of power and torque, flexing muscle with 250 horsepower and 345 lb-ft. of torque. Paired with a four-speed automatic transmission and limited-slip differential, it’s not just a truck; It is an experience waiting to unfold.

2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 5.9LR/T. (Bring a trailer).

The exterior is a palette of rugged elegance, adorned with subtle, defined features: a plastic bedliner, a sliding rear window, foglights, and 17-inch chrome cast aluminum wheels that whisper tales of adventure travel. Recently updated fog light lenses attract fans while showcasing the meticulous care the truck has been given.

Step inside into the comfort of high-back bucket seats covered in gray fabric, providing the perfect combination of support and relaxation. Conveniences abound with a power-adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, cruise control, and an AM/FM/CD stereo, a haven where you can control the road ahead.

2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 5.9LR/T. (Bring a trailer).

This Dakota’s performance prowess is complemented by a meticulous maintenance history. A new radiator, water pump, thermostat, oil change, and coolant flush underscore the dedication to keeping this classic in excellent condition, ensuring it’s ready for the next chapter of adventures.

With a clean Carfax report, no accidents or damage, and a solid lineage on California roads, this Dakota exudes confidence and reliability. Whispers of history reveal the manufacturer’s safety recall, a nod to transparency that underscores a commitment to safety.

2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab 5.9LR/T. (Bring a trailer).

This automotive gem stands tall on, awaiting its next guardian. With bidding open and no reservation set, anticipation is building as enthusiasts prepare to seize the opportunity to own a piece of automotive heritage.

The countdown begins with the hammer falling on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at 2:56 PM EST, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new journey for one lucky fan. Don’t miss out on this Dakota, a symbol of strength, nostalgia and unwavering appeal, ready to conquer roads and hearts alike.

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