Battle Motors introduces a battery-electric truck in California

In a move toward meeting statewide goals for sustainable urban waste management, Battle Motors, New Philadelphia, Ohio, unveiled California’s electric vehicle (EV) dump truck, the three-axle LET2 (Low Entry Tilt 2), featuring Heil’s Rapid Rail Automated Lateral Loading (ASL) technology.

With a payload capacity of 8.67 tons, Battle Motors’ technology truck represents a leap forward in waste management, distinguishing itself from traditional compressed natural gas (CNG) alternatives with payload efficiency, zero emissions and life cycle cost effectiveness.

“Battle Motors is very proud to introduce our electric garbage truck in California,” says Michael Patterson, CEO and Founder of Battle Motors. “Battle Motors’ LET2 EV truck incorporating Heil Rapid Rail ASL technology is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable transportation solutions and our determination to significantly contribute to California’s carbon reduction goals. Battle Motors is taking the lead in transforming waste management and driving (to) a cleaner future.” And greener in our state and beyond.

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This heavy-duty truck’s robust feature set translates into broad, measurable improvements, especially when considering an entire fleet. For example, the expanded payload capacity reduces waste collection trips on a three-axle configuration, reducing road congestion and reducing transportation-related carbon emissions. The truck’s electric motor ensures near-silent operation, reducing noise pollution during waste collection activities – a critical feature in residential neighborhoods that promotes positive relations between operators and local communities.

The heart of this advanced solution is Battle Motors’ in-cab technologies, including a digital dashboard that manages everything from the proprietary RevolutionOS operating system to vision-based safety systems from Jerusalem-based MobilEye. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Rapid Rail ASL has more than three decades of reliability in automatic waste collection. They include long reach, fast cycle times, a continuous filling system, and a structurally efficient design, all of which contribute to productivity and efficiency for fleets of all sizes.

“In collaboration with Battle Motors, Heil’s proven Rapid Rail chassis, one of the lightest and most efficient automated side loaders on the domestic market, not only addresses the weight challenges posed by an electric chassis but also allows for a three-axle configuration, further maximizing “Gross payload capacity,” said Carroll, president of Environmental Solutions Group, Heil’s parent company. “Combined with lower battery consumption versus traditional side-loading structures, we are clearly demonstrating our commitment to making compliance with California’s SB 1383 standard a seamless proposition for our fleets as we help Shaping a more efficient and sustainable future.”

Ease and efficiency of charging are other key advantages of the LET2 EV truck. Through Battle Motors’ partnership with PositivEnergy, a Bound Brook, New Jersey-based company that provides turnkey Level 2 and 3 charging solutions. Ideal for the waste sector, the driver can arrive in the morning, do their route, and then the vehicle is charged overnight in the yard, so when they return the next morning, the truck is ready to go.

“The Battle Motors LET2 EV equipped with the Heil Rapid Rail is prepared to handle 1,000 to 1,200 trash containers per day (with) 8 to 10 hours on the road collecting waste before needing to be recharged,” Fleet Speed ​​Truck Centers of Fontana, It is based in California. says municipal sales representative Ron Creighton. “Playing a role in improving this game-changing garbage truck for the Southern California market alongside partners like Bodyworks Equipment, Inc. underscores Velocity Truck Centers’ commitment to providing electric mobility to our valued customers while also offering them a forward-looking blueprint for support and services.”

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