Billboard Music Awards 2023 Live – Mariah Carey makes history as fans fume over Zach Bryan’s ‘wrong’ win

Billboard Music Awards 2023 Live – Mariah Carey makes history as fans fume over Zach Bryan’s ‘wrong’ win

Taylor Swift hooks up with Drake

Taylor Swift tied Drake as the artist with the most Top 10s in Billboard Music Award history.

Each musician has won the Best Artist award three times.

The two artists are now tied as the two most awarded artists in BBMA history.

Taylor Swift receives 10 Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift accepted 10 awards tonight, including Best Female Artist.

“Well, it’s unreal,” the star said while accepting the awards in a recorded video.

“This is the fact that you guys gave me ten Billboard Awards, I’m talking to the fans specifically, none of this would happen without you.

“Billboards bases everything on what you listen to, what you’re passionate about, and I’m so honored that this year you’re doing the tour, the Eras Tour, which is so magical.”

She continued, “I went and watched the movie, and I took care of my recordings. I just love you so much.”

“I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have you in my corner and care about the music I make. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you 10 million times over, for this.”

Morgan Wallen is the first winner

Morgan Wallen won 11 awards tonight, meaning he was the top winner at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.

Prizes include:

  • Top male artists
  • Top 100 artists
  • Top artist streaming songs
  • Best Country Artist
  • Top Male Country Artist
  • Top Country Tour
  • Top Billboard 200 album
  • Top country album
  • Top 100 hot songs
  • Top streaming song
  • Top country song

Taylor Swift wins big

Taylor Swift won 10 Billboard Awards tonight, including:

  • Top artist
  • Best Female Artist
  • Top 200 Artist Billboard
  • Top 100 Songwriters
  • Best Radio Artist Songs
  • Highest song selling artist
  • Top Artist on the Billboard World 200
  • Billboard’s Top Artist International (excluding US).
  • Best Country Artist
  • Best selling song

Stray Kids wins Best K-Pop Album

Stray Kids won the Billboard Award for Best K-Pop Album for 5 stars.

“If it weren’t for the people who have been running alongside us all this time, the music we make wouldn’t be able to reach those in need,” the band said.

The group thanked their fans for the “unforgettable gift” and promised to return the favor with music, performances and love to come.

It’s the holiday season

Mariah Carey is now singing her famous anthem, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

The pop star came to the stage by floating on a ski lift trapeze.

This is the first time she has performed the song at an award ceremony.

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