BMW iX3: new production grade coming out for 2025

BMW iX3: new production grade coming out for 2025

► Spy the new BMW iX3 2025
► The first BMW Neue Klasse
► Next-generation all-electric SUVs are on the horizon

After the exaggeration and conceptual excitement, the truth: you are looking at the first spy photos of the new BMW iX3 2025, the first production version of the Neue Klasse family in Munich.

This title covers a major new initiative for BMW’s electric vehicle (EV) platform, an architecture that will cover the majority of BMW electric vehicles launched in the second half of this decade. It won’t be compatible with combustion engines or hybrid cars – this engine is already born electric. The first is the new mid-sized e-SUV, which is set to be badged as the iX3.

Our spies captured the first New Class iX3 testing in Germany, and the images reveal a car that hides its radically modern hardware under an all-encompassing camouflage. Expect the footprint to copy that of today’s X3 while the design is set to take inspiration from the historic concept car unveiled at the 2023 IAA Munich Motor Show.

New BMW iX3 2026: What to expect

Neue Klasse prototypes have begun testing at BMW’s FIZ Research and Innovation Center in Munich, and this is the first time we’ve seen the modular electric car in action ahead of its launch in 2025.

The BMW iX3 is an electric X3

The NK Matrix is ​​highly modular and allows front-, rear- and all-wheel drive, and is packaged in different wheelbases, track widths, ride heights and wheel sizes ranging from 18 inches to 22 inches.

The mid-size platform is codenamed NA and CAR sources indicate that the iX3 badge will be reserved for this 3 Series spin-off. Expect the following derivatives:

  • EX3 40
  • iX3 40 xDrive
  • iX3 50 xDrive
  • EX3M60 xDrive
  • x 3 m

“The Neue Klasse marks the beginning of a new phase of operations for BMW,” said Frank Weber, Head of Research and Development. “It has been developed to allow us to build electric cars from a 2 Series-sized saloon to an X7-sized SUV.”

Electric motors, batteries and specifications

There are a host of tech features in store at the Neue Klasse, all aimed at making the iX3’s range longer and faster to charge. The powertrain is powered by an 800-volt electrical system and the latest round LFP and NMC batteries that our sources suggest come in two sizes: 4695 and 46120. Expect better packaging from today’s electric BMWs.

A significantly new face for the new BMW iX3 2025

Nerdy details, but this kind of technology makes a difference in battery performance and ultimately how far you can go on a single charge. Thanks to its vented bottoms and sandwich cooling system, it promises superior thermal health. Cells will be supplied to BMW specifications by CATL, EDE and Northvolt from six factories in Europe, China and the US/Mexico, and customers can choose 75, 90 and 105 kWh battery sizes.

a result? Thanks to the new electrical system and advanced performance electronics, it takes less than 12 minutes to store enough energy for the next 200 miles, using charging rates of up to 270 kW. The new BMW iX3 is expected to be one of the first BMWs where range concerns take a back seat.

I’m sold! When can I actually buy a new BMW iX3?

Production is scheduled to begin at the i’s brand-new factory in Debrecen, Hungary, in November 2024, but it will likely be another year or so before the first cars arrive at dealerships.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2023 concept car

BMW will clearly launch the crossover first: expect the i3 to appear in showrooms in the fall of 2025, a full year before the three-box 3 Series saloon – a car most closely predicted by the Vision Neue Klasse design study (above).

What about the iX3’s design? BMW design chief Domagoj Dukec told CAR that the SUV’s body design is perfectly in sync with the new family look. “Our customers buy the brand first, but then they look to match their own circumstances. They may say: ‘I don’t want to sit too low.’” Many believe that BMW is a sports brand, but there are different views on sportiness.

Design details spotted on this prototype include pop-up door handles, large 20-inch wheels, and a teardrop-shaped crossover look that’s striking on the road.

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