Boost productivity in the hybrid office: The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Series delivers performance with sustainability in mind

Boost productivity in the hybrid office: The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Series delivers performance with sustainability in mind

As the hybrid working landscape continues to evolve, employee requirements have changed, and technology has not yet fully aligned with the way employees prefer to work. HP recently released a global study, The Work Relationship Index, which revealed that 61% of Canadians want the flexibility to split their work time between home and the office. However, more than 39% of knowledge workers believe their companies lack the right tools and technology needed for successful hybrid work.

To help meet the needs of the modern workplace, HP offers a comprehensive hybrid portfolio, including the latest additions to HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 5000/X500 and 6000/X600 series— Printers designed to enable productivity and expansion.

With flexible configurations that allow businesses to optimize workflows and meet the needs of busy workgroups, these printers — and their HP TerraJet toner cartridges — can scale up or down as businesses evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of employees and the business world.

Enterprise-level technical printers are designed with industry-leading serviceability in mind. All are easily serviceable as they are manufactured to facilitate physical removal and re-assembly of machine parts including the rollers, DC control panel, register units and paper input and output. The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 5000/X500 and 6000/X600 series also include features like Cartridge Access Control technology, which is designed to make it easier for businesses to manage ink levels.

As for the two-part toner cartridges, they are designed to last, provide high performance and efficient productivity. They are also sustainable by design, providing a reduction in energy use of up to 27 percent and are made with up to 78 percent less plastic in packaging.

These efforts are an integral part of HP’s goal to become the world’s most sustainable and equitable technology company. It is already Canada’s most sustainable technology company, innovating with the goal of going beyond short-term impact and creating positive, lasting change. This includes taking urgent and decisive action to achieve a carbon-neutral value chain and contribute to building Canada’s circular economy. Through 2022, HP has manufactured more than 5.4 billion Original HP and Samsung cartridges using a total of 142,000 tons of recycled plastic, including recycled HP cartridges. This has resulted in more than 1 billion Original HP cartridges, an estimated 149 million clothes hangers, and 5.8 billion post-consumer plastic bottles being kept out of landfills, and instead these materials recycled for continued use.

HP’s global research on employee engagement with their work also highlighted another worrying fact: the majority of knowledge workers lack a positive work relationship. Globally, only 27 per cent reported a satisfactory relationship, and Canada showed a lower percentage of only 23 per cent. “Canadian knowledge workers are more likely than global workers to experience negative impacts on their physical and mental health when their relationship with work is unsatisfactory,” says Mary Ann Yule, President and CEO of HP Canada. “This data is alarming, and we have an opportunity to shape a better relationship for knowledge workers.” Knowledge area of ​​Canadians by listening to their needs and providing the tools and resources needed to succeed in a hybrid environment.

The study also identifies six key factors that drive positive change and can help employees cultivate a healthier working relationship. These factors include achievement, leadership, people focus, skill development, workspace, and tools.

In Canada, only 27 per cent of knowledge workers feel that their companies provide them with the tools needed to succeed at work, while 22 per cent expressed confidence that their companies will make the right technology choices to effectively support hybrid working.

“Employees want to be heard in terms of how they choose technology and how they use it. Business leaders need to engage their teams to provide them with the right and sustainable tools that will boost productivity, improve flexibility both at home and in the office, and ultimately lead to cultivating a healthier relationship with their work.”

The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 5000/X500 or 6000/X600 is one of those tools that enables workers to succeed. The printers provide all the functionality needed to complete even the most complex print jobs, including a 3-bin stapler/stacker or a convenient stapler.

As a fully networked device, employees can access these all-in-one printers from anywhere, meaning they don’t have to come into the office just to press the print button.

An improved user interface creates a pleasant user experience, which ultimately leads to happier and healthier workers which in turn leads to better, more efficient work.

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