Brookfield’s community spirit in action

Brookfield’s community spirit in action

Every year the I-95 (US) crew sets up camp in the Brookfield parking lot to collect food and funds for Hillside Food Outreach.

I believe this was our 15th CFC meeting and 2023 did not disappoint. We raised tons of food and a pile of money to help those in need in our local community. It was the team effort of I-95, Hillside and our sponsors that made all of this possible. Thank you:

  • Danbury Savings Bank
  • Dave’s RV
  • BJ
  • Brown roof
  • Less evil
  • coca cola
  • Durkin Company
  • Mitchell oil

We couldn’t have done this without these amazing organizations and all our sponsors. We have fun every year but there was something extra special in 2023, take a look at what we did and who was there.

Take a virtual tour of Camping for Cans 2023

Camping for Cans 2023 was a huge success, here are some of the many people who stopped by to see us at Brookfield and made a donation to help Hillside Food Outreach.

Exhibition source: Le Milano

I think we really had fun this year. It felt lighter than previous years. Thank you to everyone who donated to Hillside Food Outreach. Please keep Hillside in your thoughts all year long. It’s hard to keep your pantry stocked in July, so try to remember it when you’re feeling charitable.

If you can’t make it in person, feel free to leave a donation on their website.

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Learn more about Hillside below

Their mission:
Providing high-quality, nutritious food that will enable low-income people, the chronically ill, the disabled, and those without access to a traditional food pantry to achieve a better quality of life. Positively impacting individual health and well-being and strengthening the community as a whole through outreach, education, and caring hearts.

Its objectives:

  • Providing access to high-quality, nutrient-rich food for low-income families and individuals who, due to various circumstances, cannot access local food pantries
  • Leverage our delivery-only model to distribute food efficiently and consistently
  • Participate in achieving better health outcomes for individuals with chronic diseases as diet and nutrition play a key role in health management
  • To encourage the community through awareness, education and participation to reach a sustainable solution
  • To provide hope to Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield families and individuals by relieving some of the stress caused by food insecurity

Camping for cans 2022

Camping for Cans is an annual event organized by I-95 to raise cash and non-perishable food items for Hillside Foot Outreach. The Hillside Foundation feeds those in need in the greater Danbury area. Every year we gather in the Brookfield parking lot and have a good time in the name of the greater good. 2022 has been as good a year as we’ve ever had, take a look.

Exhibition source: Le Milano

Camping photo album 2021

Camping for Cans is our annual food/cash drive for Hillside Food Outreach. Hillside is an organization that feeds those in need throughout the Greater-Danbury area. For years, I-95 has partnered with them to spread information about the needs of our neighbors in the area. 2021 was an overwhelming success and we raised thousands of dollars and truckloads of food with Hillside and our corporate sponsors. These were some of the many faces joining us over the weekend (11/19-11/21).

Exhibition source: Le Milano

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