Building a custom Mercedes Sprinter is a Kiteboarder’s dream

A slide-out glider makes it easy to load or unload gear from the back of the truck.

Most of the mobile homes we see are simply used as a place to live on the road with a sleeping space, kitchenette and possibly a bathroom. The Outside Van is doing something different with the Slim Chance concept specifically for kiteboarders and surfers looking for a platform to haul gear for adventure.

This build uses the 2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 chassis with all-wheel drive as a starting point. Outside Van worked with professional kiteboarder Ewan Jaspan and the team at outdoor gear company Naish USA to custom-fit the vehicle for outdoor sports. The name Slim Chance actually comes from a kiteboarding trick.

Truck features the Agile Off-Road Company’s RIP Kit suspension upgrade. It raises the ride height and allows the extra weight of added equipment to be carried for this conversion.

The exterior of the car has a lot of lighting. There is a 50-inch light bar on the roof, SAE fog lights on the front brush bar, side lights, and a pair of taillights on the roof rack.

A 960Ah lithium battery provides electricity when you’re off the grid. A secondary AC generator and a 140-watt solar panel on the roof keep the pack charged.

Outdoor sports equipment takes up a lot of space, so the Slim Chance’s interior has highly adaptable storage solutions. L-track panels and modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) provide spaces for hanging items on walls. A floor-mounted gear glider provides an easier way to get large items out of the vehicle, and it even comes with a strainer to help wet items drain out. There is a Yakima Skybox 12 container on the rooftop shelf to gobble up even more stuff.

The Milwaukee instrument cluster mounts to the side of one of the counters. Includes electric drill and multiple spare batteries. Another useful item for gear pumping is an air compressor.

The wall that holds the gears folds down to reveal a Murphy bed with memory foam pillows. When enjoying an evening after a day of kitesurfing, cabin entertainment options include JL-Audio stereo and Starlink satellite internet.

The kitchenette has two bamboo islands with a fold-out panel between them to expand the space. Features include a 24-gallon fresh water tank, microwave, refrigerator, and induction stove. Drawers provide space for storing pots, pans and silverware.

Outdoor showers allow adventurers to clean up in nature. The platform is connected to the tow hitch. It has teak inserts and an opaque curtain.

While Slim Chance is a complete build, Outside Van considers it a concept and has no intention of selling a mobile home like this.

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