Calculate the cost of a hybrid Toyota RAV4 versus a non-hybrid RAV4

Cost calculation

In a previous article, we learned from a Toyota dealer the misconceptions many car shoppers have about owning a hybrid car and the facts car shoppers should know before purchasing one. This included the final advice to car shoppers that they should conduct a personal cost comparison analysis to determine whether paying more for a hybrid RAV4 compared to a non-hybrid RAV4 makes financial sense.

As an addendum to the article, here’s a clear and helpful explanation of how to perform a simple cost analysis on your favorite spreadsheet program that is useful not only for the Hybrid Toyota RAV4 model used as an example, but also for any make and model of car you might consider…hybrid or not.

Cost calculation

That message was useful Aki Stepinska An episode of the YouTube channel in which the host explains in a step-by-step manner “show and tell” and poses the question “Is a hybrid car worth the extra price?” It’s mainly based on calculating how much you save on fuel when you buy a hybrid car rather than an equivalent non-hybrid model.

Video value

The value of video is that it helps consumers reach an informed purchasing decision by analyzing the details of each consumer taking into account:

  • The expected number of miles a new car will travel each year.
  • The price of gas in the language of the car owner.
  • Comparison of hybrid and non-hybrid models in terms of fuel economy.
  • Price comparison between hybrid and non-hybrid models that can make or break the cost/investment savings.
  • Annual savings for the hybrid model.
  • The break-even point is where the additional cost of the hybrid pays itself.

Video warnings

As mentioned in the comments section of the video, there are other considerations that may or may not apply to each car shopper’s situation such as:

  • Will the hybrid model be the one that actually requires premium gas at a higher cost?
  • Will the insurance rate for a hybrid car be higher than a gas-only car?
  • How do overall maintenance and repair costs compare between hybrid and non-hybrid cars?

All the same, if a hybrid is placed in the red, it may actually be offset by the black if the expected resale value of the hybrid is significantly higher than that of the non-hybrid.

In other words, you may want to consider costs beyond fuel efficiency, expected mileage, and the fluctuating price of gasoline at the pumps.

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However, here is a video that should be helpful in making your new car purchase decision.

Is a hybrid car worth the extra price?

Additional video topic information

Still not sure after you’ve done your calculations? Here’s a recent video from Car assistance corner YouTube channel titled:

“Hybrid vs Gas Car || Which is cheaper and better to buy?”

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