Chevy adopts new logo, hints at Corvette and full-size SUV news in 2024

Chevy adopts new logo, hints at Corvette and full-size SUV news in 2024

“Find New Roads” took off and “Together Let’s Drive” came as a new slogan for Chevrolet

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Chevrolet changes with the times, adopting a new slogan that is more optimistic and adventurous. It’s “Drive Together” and replaces the old slogan “Finding New Roads”.

During a press conference earlier in the day, Chevrolet officials broke down the slogan and noted that “Together” is “a symbol of our partnership,” while “Let’s” is an “active” and “in-the-moment” action word. The third and final piece of the puzzle is “motivation,” which is “the internal drive that powers actors.”

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The logo was introduced on Friday and its first ad combines several topics of interest to customers. Among them is a focus on family, time and community. Officials also told us that consumers are attracted to forward-thinking brands, but are now looking for established players rather than startups.

The second ad is lighter and even its title, down to earthAnd it’s a reflection of that. It focuses on value and highlights the Bolt as the most affordable electric vehicle in America. It also touts the Colorado at $30,695 and the Trax at $21,495.

While the slogan will take some getting used to, Chevrolet officials note that a lot has changed since the “Finding New Roads” slogan was introduced a decade ago. They added that their different logos were “right for the right time” and now it’s time for something new.

It looks like 2024 is already going to be a busy year

Besides talking about the new logo and the upcoming Equinox EV, officials dropped some hints about what 2024 has in store. In particular, a slide was shown indicating that there will be news about the Corvette and full-size SUVs.

This is likely a sign that the highly anticipated Corvette ZR1 will be introduced next year, joined by the facelifted Tahoe and Suburban. GM CEO Mary Barra also recently confirmed that the next generation, the ICE-powered Equinox, will be coming in 2024. And if that’s not enough new product, a redesigned Traverse is scheduled for early next year as well.

Speaking of upcoming models, officials revealed that the Silverado EV RST is now scheduled to begin production in spring 2024 after a short delay. Until then, they’re focused on building a fleet-friendly Silverado EV WT.

Sticking to electric cars, the brand said it has the “right mix” of electric cars and ICE-powered models. Officials also noted that although the Bolt and Bolt EUV will cease production later this year, there should be enough supplies to last for a few months after that happens. This will limit the amount of time GM spends without an affordable electric vehicle as the $34,995 Equinox EV will arrive in 2024.

Finally, Chevrolet is seeing momentum despite a variety of headwinds. In particular, the company noted that retail sales rose by 14%, which is more than the industry average of 10%. This was partly contributed to by the success of the Trax and Trailblazer.

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