Chrysler Pacifica gets a “major” facelift in 2025

Chrysler Pacifica gets a “major” facelift in 2025

With the end of the Chrysler 300 model year, the house that Walter B. built will only have two vehicles for sale in the U.S. through 2025. One of them, the Voyager minivan, is available only to fleets. The other is the Pacifica minivan. Car NewsThe crystal ball predicts the standard and PHEV models will get minor updates next year. Chrysler Brand CEO Christine Fewell recently spoke to media outlets such as Windsor Star (Stellantis’ Windsor Assembly Plant in Canada builds the Pacifica) on what lies ahead for the segment created by Chrysler and the automaker’s only offering to the car-buying public.

Calling it a “mid-cycle action plan,” Fewell said, “We’re going to do a refresh in Pacifica, and it’s going to be more than just a moderate refresh. It’s going to be very significant. … I’m not at liberty to say what year that’s going to come out. That’s going to be some time after that.” Launching the first new product for battery-powered electric vehicles.”

Let’s start with the timing, keeping in mind the upcoming electric crossover. Feuell also told the audience that Chrysler would be “a single product brand for about a year.” Allowing for a healthy range of “about” in that sentence, this suggests that the battery-electric crossover predicted by Airflow will go on sale in the first half of 2025. That could put a heavily rebadged Pacifica on the market in the mid-segment Or late 2025.

Since the Pacifica has been on sale since 2017, a major refresh after eight years feels like a page from Dodge’s muscle car playbook. That worked for the Charger and Challenger, and there’s no reason it wouldn’t work for a pickup truck, according to industry data. North American buyers pushed the minivan segment up 40% this year, recovering from supply constraints last year, the CEO said. Dealers moved 112,198 Pacifics during the first three quarters of 2023. Not only does this shatter last year’s total of 98,624, it’s the first time a van has reached six figures in the U.S. since 2018, when a record 118,322 Buyer of a new Pacific, Pete. Now that more stability has arrived in the market, Fewell said internal forecasts show that “the sector will likely increase by 15 to 20 percent next year and then stabilize at a largely flat run rate through 2030.”

We have no idea what’s coming for the mid-cycle update, but we have a tingling feeling it’ll be more tech than the current model. Chrysler will want to make clear connections between the Pacifica, the electric crossover, and Chrysler’s third model scheduled for release in 2026, and perhaps hint at what’s possible in the battery-electric Pacifica said to be released around 2028. The brand’s president is already making contact with Tesla, its competitive benchmark for technology and buyers.

“The Pacifica hybrid and the Tesla Model Y are often marketed against each other,” Fewell said. “We believe our technology, state-of-the-art design profile, and ensuring that products sold under the Chrysler brand continue to be positioned toward a key customer segment, puts us in a really good position for future growth.”

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