Controversy rages over restrictions on food trucks in Golden

Controversy rages over restrictions on food trucks in Golden

GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) – Some food trucks and small businesses told FOX31 they’ve taken a financial hit after the city of Golden added stricter regulations for operating a food truck within city limits.

The city allows food trucks, but only under certain guidelines.

Since the city passed new regulations in June of this year, food trucks cannot park on city streets in accordance with Golden Municipal Code Section 10.04.260 Section 1210 Parking Regulations.

James Ginot tells FOX31 he’s been running his food truck, Pile High Burgers, for more than nine years.

The majority of their business came from Golden, but now that they can’t park on city streets, he said the breweries they were serving don’t have enough space to fit them on the property.

“We lost two of our best-selling locations overnight,” Guinot said. “Our sales are down this year. I think we’re doing a fifth or a quarter of our sales from years ago, this year.

The reason for the ban is unclear — but small business owners said traffic, congestion and safety issues are concerns raised during the city council.

Food trucks are still welcome in the city, but must operate on private property in mixed or commercial areas.

“It now seems like city after city is trying to make it harder for food trucks to operate,” Guinot said.

The owner of Goosetown Station in Golden, Cheryl Jordan, said she had to cancel all of her scheduled food trucks because she didn’t have space on her property and city streets are now off-limits.

“People come here expecting a little snack, and if we don’t have that, they go somewhere else and maybe won’t come back,” Jordan said.

Both business owners told FOX31 they hope something changes.

“It’s a win-win,” Guinot said. “Breweries should have more customers, happier customers who stay longer and customers who drink more beer. Food trucks get a place to park and a place to prepare food.”

A small group of local citizens and business owners are trying to work on finding a solution for everyone, but these efforts are just beginning.

FOX31 has reached out to the City of Golden for comment on the regulations and is awaiting a response.

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