Cruel Christmas Murder: Ohio Couple Shot Man, Slipped Throat, Got to Live

Cruel Christmas Murder: Ohio Couple Shot Man, Slipped Throat, Got to Live

First published: 2:33pm PT, November 21, 2023

Judge in Ohio A gay couple was sentenced to life imprisonment for… killing A Vietnamese hairdresser and shelter died after he was shot in the chest, strangled and slit his throat on Christmas Day, according to prosecutors.

Danielle Mobley and Chad Webb, both 29, learned their fate after pleading guilty last month to eight charges including first-degree murder, aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary as part of a deal with prosecutors that spared them from being sentenced to death.

The two men “brutally beat, stabbed, strangled and shot” 57-year-old hairdresser Chris Vu at his home. cleveland Home on Christmas It’s a day before 2021, prosecutor Kevin Filiatraut said at Monday’s sentencing hearing, before fleeing the scene with his bank card and other possessions.

Officers discovered Fu’s body the next day when a customer arrived at his home for a hair appointment and requested a welfare check after seeing what appeared to be a pool of dried blood outside the garage door, according to the Cleveland Police Department.

On Dec. 27, police arrested Mobley and Webb at a hotel after tracking the license plate of the 2019 Dodge Ram the two men were driving, Filiatrot said.

Multiple bank cards were found on the men at the time of their arrest, and they were charged with theft for possession of a PNC Bank Visa debit card belonging to Vo, and two counts of receiving stolen property, according to A. Grand jury indictment Acquired by Inside Edition Digital. These possessions were identified in the indictment as a Dodge Ram, a U.S. Bank Visa card, a Citibank card, an Old Navy Visa card, and an American Express card owned by a female.

The indictment also accuses Mobley of identity fraud to obtain a man’s personally identifiable information “with the intent to represent (that man’s) personally identifiable information as his own.”

Prosecutors filed this indictment on February 25, 2022, and waited to present the case until the coroner determined the cause and manner of Fu’s death.

The decision to wait only strengthened the prosecution’s case when The Cuyahoga Medical Examiner’s Office released its findings It concluded that Fu’s manner of death was homicide caused by “suffocation and suffocation with a gunshot wound to the chest and severe blunt force injuries.”

Filiatraut detailed the events that occurred on the night of Dec. 25, 2021, in court Monday, saying Vo agreed to go on a date with Webb.

Webb arrived at the home with Mobley, who set to work turning off the outside lights and moving the security cameras outside the house so they were all pointing skyward, Villatraut said.

Mobley failed to realize that Vaux had a camera inside his garage, and that that camera captured the brutal murder, Philiatrout said. He noted that she also captured the horrific moment in which the two men embraced while blood poured from Fu’s body.

Filiatraut then played that video in court Monday before Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge John Sutuola sentenced him.

Filiatraut also revealed that Vo appeared at a sentencing hearing in another case two months before his death to speak on behalf of Mobley, the man now convicted of his murder. Following Fu’s appearance, the court sentenced Mobley to probation and court-ordered drug treatment rather than serve prison time, according to reports.

On Monday, Judge Sutuola sent Mobley to prison, sentencing him to life in prison with a non-parole period of 36 years and an additional three years for violating his probation, according to a spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office (CCPO).

Webb also received a life sentence, but with the possibility of parole in 28 years, according to a CCPO spokesperson.

Lawyers for Mobley and Webb did not respond to requests for comment.

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