Dethleffs Just Camp motorhomes provide everything you need for uncomplicated camping

When looking for a motorhome, camper, or other type of recreational vehicle to support your outdoor adventures, it’s especially important to choose the right size and layout to meet your needs and tastes. Manufacturers know well that customers are all different and unique, which is why they strive to diversify their offers to attract as many potential customers as possible.

German caravan and motorhome manufacturer Dethleffs, which is part of the Erwin Hymer Group, has a wide range of camping vehicles for outdoor enthusiasts to choose from. One of the latest additions to their portfolio is the Just Camp series of motorhomes, which, as the name suggests, offers everything you need for uncomplicated camping.

With a stylish design, modern interior and good equipment, the new range of motorhomes makes it easy to get in, get out and enjoy the camping experience. It should appeal to young outdoor enthusiasts just starting out in a caravan, but will also suit experienced campers looking for a comfortable home away from home.

Dethleffs is a well-known name in the caravan and motorhome industry, especially in Europe, and has already won the German Justice Award not once but three times, which is testament to their extensive experience in manufacturing RVs.

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The Just Camp series of low-profile bodies is available based on the Citroen Jumper or Opel Movano, with seven different designs offered to cover the most varied requirements of mobile living. Although camper conversions are the most popular type among adventurers, motorhomes built on wheels are preferred by those who want a little more space and increased headroom inside.

These are also among the features that make Just Camp stand out. The airy interior of this range offers a headroom of 6.9 feet (213 cm) and ample living space, with enough room for a kitchenette, bathroom, living/relaxation area and sleeping space. Moreover, there is still room left for your family, outdoor gear, accessories and luggage.

Starting with the cab up front, owners will benefit from the latest technology and safety systems, including air conditioning, EspCrosswind assist, cruise control, traction control, tire pressure sensors, and much more. There is also an opening window in the cab lid, allowing more light and air into the vehicle.

Dethleffs Just Camp motorhome

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The front seats are designed to provide driver and passenger comfort above all else, and feature an integrated headrest and armrests. They both rotate completely to face the living/dining area, adding valuable extra seating and creating a beautiful space to enjoy dinner with guests.

The side entrance door is extra wide at 27.5 inches (70 cm) and comes with an insulating curtain to keep insects out. The interior design is elegant and fresh, dominated by a contemporary color palette of grey, white and light wood, adding to the feeling of spaciousness.

All seven available layouts come with a maximum of five sleeping berths, with either a large double bed or two single beds aft and an optional electrically operated retractable bed over the dinette (measuring 200 x 150cm). The twin beds can also optionally be converted into a large sleeping area.

No matter which design you choose, superior sleep comfort is guaranteed thanks to the 15cm thick multi-zone cold foam mattress and wooden slatted bed frames.

Dethleffs Just Camp motorhome

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For example, the T 6762 eschews the fixed bed at the back in favor of a folding bed for two people. This helps create an incredible feeling of space, plenty of elbow room and allows for a large rear bathroom spanning the full width of the car and a spacious kitchen. Two additional sleeping beds can be created by converting the lounge into a double bed.

In designs with a bed at the back of the motorhome (T 6752 DBL, T 7052 DBL, T 7052 DBM), it is set high enough to make room for a storage garage that can easily accommodate two bicycles and can be loaded from either side of the vehicle.

All but one configuration (the T 6762 mentioned above) have central kitchenettes with bathrooms at the foot of the beds. The kitchen is conveniently compact yet modern and well-equipped so you can cook your favorite meals on the go. It comes with a small round sink, a two-burner stove, and spacious cabinets and drawers that provide enough space for pots and pans.

The seating area is modern and comfortable, with two chairs that hide some storage underneath. The table is removable in case you want to convert the area into a sleeping space. Furthermore, the dinette’s side seat can optionally accommodate a fifth foldable seat with three-point harness if traveling with more family members.

Dethleffs Just Camp motorhome

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Finally, the small bathroom is bright and modern. Includes all the essentials for your sanitary needs, plus a practical mirror that can be moved sideways, assorted shelves and storage units.

The cabinets throughout the motorhome are free of handles and feature a soft-close function, giving them a stylish look and adding to the overall sense of quality and comfort.

Multiple windows and a large skylight above the sleeping space keep the interior well-lit, and LED spotlights have been installed in the lounge and bed area to ensure brightness even when the sun goes down.

No pricing information is available on the manufacturer’s website, but given that Dethleffs’ Just 90 series starts at $166,000, we’d expect a similar price for the new Just Camp range. With their versatile interior configuration, ample living space, long list of standard equipment, and numerous storage solutions, these motorhomes are sure to appeal to couples and young families who want to experience the RV lifestyle without compromising on comfort.

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