DetranRS is offering 516 vehicles and scrap metal in a virtual auction – DetranRS

DetranRS is offering 516 vehicles and scrap metal in a virtual auction – DetranRS

Virtual auction for vehicles and scrap metal Detraners Displays 516 Items in next Wednesday 08. the event, By orders Pampers Marcelo Pereira de Oliveira, that happens Directly on the site Global Communication OS Stuff They are in SinGears Removal and deposit (CRDs) l gOaipa, Porto Alegre and El Dorado do Sul.

The general public can purchase 155 Vehicles with documents (valid to return to circulation), without police or judicial restrictions, and not related to any pending legal or financial matters. Among those available, one I/VW I’m Greedy CS 4×4 S 2015/2016 From $R 18.400 and one I/Volvo XC60 2.0 T5 Asyut 2012/2012 With a minimum bid of R$ 13.400. The municipality recommends that interested parties visitM OS CDs To inspect the goods personally before bidding. Vehicle dismantling centers (CDV cars) approved for Detraners can be acquired 361 Goods for spare parts trading or recycling.

To discover and inspect assets, interested parties can contact CDs Via the phone numbers mentioned in the third clause of editorto 34/2023. The visit takes place on days 01, 03, 06 H 07/11, From 9 am to 5 pm.

The way this is done is very similar to the personal method. Hey PampersIn a live video, the draw is shown and bidders present their bids online. The highest accepted bid will be deemed the winner, and any bids sent after the end of the auction for the lot will not be considered valid.

There will also be an implementation option before– Online bidding, where the interested party can submit preliminary bids, that is, before the opening of the virtual auction. Lots that receive bids in this way will start the virtual auction based on the highest bid recorded in the system. If there is no high bid at the time of the virtual auction, the lot will be considered sold by the bidder responsible for the highest bid. before-bayonet.

Information about the goods to be auctioned, as well as the addresses of visiting locations, is posted on the Site Notice 34/2023. Hey The calendar with other scheduled auctions and the number of vehicles offered can be checked on the website Detranersvehicle list, auctions.

Hey Detraners It regularly receives reports of fake auction scams being conducted on websites using Autarchy’s branding and addresses of its authorized parties. Thus, the Authority begins to reinforce the warning and indicate the necessary precautions for those wishing to participate in auctions:

2) Check the auction notices for all vehicles available for purchase at each authorized warehouse, their initial bids, the official auction website and other information.

3) If possible, carrying out Visit the depot (CRD) where the vehicle is located to personally check its condition;

4) Participate in the auction on the specified date and time Detraners And publish it on the official website (;

5) If you are attracted by an ad, beware of auction sites not hosted in Brazil (without the end).R“);

6) Research the company on complaints websites and/or social media;

7) Beware of vehicles that appear new or from dealers;

8) Do not make bank transfers. At auctions in DetranersThe auction amount is paid through a specific collection guide (GAD-L), which is paid through the partner banking network. The amount of the Auctioneer’s commission will only be in accordance with the Auctioneer’s instructions (always detailed in Clause 9.4 of the Notice).

Anyone who falls victim to this type of fraud must report the fact to the civil police, through a police report. Registration can be done in person at the police station or preferably online Police station online.

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