Eco-friendly Toyota Prius in West Norfolk State Shakespeare’s Barn King’s Lynn Arts Center Swaffham Carnival Queen: Lynn News lookback

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August 2002: A municipal car could be replaced after a task force from West Norfolk Council looked at tackling the causes of climate change and trying to reduce environmental damage.

Looking into the future of greener travel with the energy-efficient Toyota Prius, from left, Borough Mayor John Legge, and task force members Julian Ansell, Paul Cobb, Paul Borral and Margaret Wilkinson. Photo: MLNF-02081136

Mayor Prius. MLNF-02081136

August 2003: This was the launch of a £462,000 scheme to refurbish Shakespeare’s Barn at the Lane Arts Centre, to create additional exhibition and working space.

Featured from left are Contracts Director Ian Ridgewell, Architectural Assistant at Design Services David Beecher, Head of Tourism and Art Ruth Hyde; In the foreground are General Director of Arts and Entertainment Ellen McPhillips, and Counselor Elizabeth Knockolds.


Photo: MLNF-0308678

Shakespeare Barn. MLNF-0308678

August 2003: The Queen of Swaffham Carnival smiles after her coronation ceremony.

New winner Claire Kinney (front middle) is joined by Carnival Princess Chantelle Botel (left), with 2002 Carnival Queen Anneliese Seaman (back, second right) and runner-up from left, Annabelle Oliver, Katie Pond, Danica Rassam and Laura Hayes.

Photo: MLNF-0308845

Carnival Queen. MLNF-0308845

August 2011: Meet the winners of Lynn News’ Beautiful Baby and Terrific Toddler contest, which attracted 105 entries.

Pictured are Leon Wilkinson with mom Lisa Addis, Westgate manager Rona Foster, Jacob Squibb Pauline (20 months) with mom Karen Pauline, Lily Watson (3), Charlotte Smith and Kyle Withey (10 months) with parents Damien Withey and Stephanie Britton. .

Photo: MLNF-11PT08016

Lin lovely baby news. MLNF-11PT08016

August 2013: Dedicated volunteers and fundraisers honored at the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Awards.

Two collectors were awarded medals for 35 to 40 years of service, two more were awarded medals for 25 to 30 years of service and 13 collectors received certificates for help between five and ten years.

Freddie Haynes accepted the Malgwen Trophy – presented by Borough Deputy Mayor Barry Ayres – on behalf of Lynn’s Live and Let Live pub raising around £500 for the appeal. Photo: MLNF-13PM08139

RBL. MLNF-13PM08139

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