Every trim level of GM’s new affordable SUVs

It’s an exciting time for Chevy Trax, it has to be said. The all-new 2024 model represents a new generation of affordable compact SUVs. Gone is the old version’s algae-like body shape – as well as the optional all-wheel drive system; That’s front-drive only—the Chevy grows 11 inches longer, two inches wider, gains three inches of second-row legroom, and adds an additional six cubic feet of storage space in the cargo area. These dimensional changes result in a sharp, sporty design with a low profile that’s not too far removed from more expensive models, like the new Chevy Blazer EV, at GM’s lowest price point across all of its brands. Here’s everything you get for your money with Chevy’s all-new Trax SUV.

Chevrolet Trax 2024 LS | Al Qaeda is thriving

All Trax models get the same 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder Ecotec engine good for 137 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Again, front-wheel drive is your only option, similar to the Kia Soul. On the outside, the Trax LS is distinguished by its non-black logo, non-sporting grille, and chrome exterior trim.

The LS gets 17-inch steel wheels with 17-inch silver aluminum wheels as an option, available active aero shutters, black mirror caps although body color is available, and an optional blackout package ($295) that darkens the nameplate and Chevy bowtie (which Standard on some higher trims), and an optional, but potentially controversial, Driver Confidence Package that adds rear cross-traffic alert and rear park assist no Adaptive cruise control is included on this model, but applies to higher trims if optioned. You also can’t opt ​​for the sunroof or roof rails package on the LS, according to Chevy’s website.

The good news is that the base Trax LS model is fairly well equipped with a starting price of $21,495 (including destination charge). For that money, you actually get wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, active noise cancellation inside, and Chevy’s Safety Assist package that includes features like automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, and collision warning Anterior and follow-up. Distance indicator. You also get standard goodies like rear wipers and bucket seats.

The LS lacks the 11-inch interior touchscreen found starting with the LT model, and instead gets a smaller 8.0-inch unit with a similar design to other models, so it’s not all bad. You’ll also miss the 8.0-inch display screen that comes with higher trims, no keyless start in the LS, and no wireless charging pad for your phone. You get four speakers instead of six, heated seats that aren’t standard but available (although there’s no optional heated steering wheel on the LS), and GM’s OnStar emergency calling system.

2024 Chevy Trax 1RS | Affordable sportswear

Starting at $23,195, Trax 1RS models step things up externally with premium two-tone 18-inch wheel design, a sporty grille design with RS badging, black exterior accents, black Chevy bowtie, red accents and a flat-bottom steering wheel. The interior sticks out a little more than the black box inside and it’s an LS. There’s still no internal wireless charging pad for the phone unless you upgrade.

For the 1RS, you still don’t get the nicer 11-inch interior touchscreen, it’s only an 8.0-inch unit, and you still only get four speakers, but heated front seats are standard for both driver and passenger, with a steering wheel standard Hot as well. The 1RS also comes standard with remote start, rear floor mats, and body-color mirrors—equipment standard from the LS model’s Convenience Package is now standard on the 1RS. While the sunroof package comes with this model as an option, adaptive cruise control is still not available on this model; You should choose another one.

2024 Chevy Trax LT | Technology sweet spot

For $200 more than the starting price of the 1RS, you can get a much better equipment package. The LT model, which starts at $23,395, has been upgraded over the base LS model with the addition of a larger 11-inch interior touchscreen with an 8.0-inch digital display as well. It’s the cheapest bit to get the standard automatic climate controls and upgrade to the standard six-speaker interior, as well as the cheapest to get with adaptive cruise control if you equip the $795 Driver Confidence Package.

The standard bowtie and nameplate from the 1RS are also available as an option here, and it’s equipped with 17-inch dual-tone wheels with a different design than the 1RS. It also unlocks the optional $895 sunroof package that also includes available wireless phone charging, which you probably want, and you finally get standard roof rails with optional cross bars. The LT also features silver exterior accents, and there’s an LT Convenience package that comes with heated seats and optional steering, plus keyless entry for $595. The seats are upgraded to an Evotex/cloth combination compared to the standard cloth seats on lower models.

2024 Chevy Trax 2RS | More technology and sports

If you want the goodies available to you in the updated LT but still like the style of the sporty 1RS model, well, there’s a 2RS for you. It is visually distinguished by two-tone 19-inch aluminum wheels, a unique RS-badged grille, roof rails with optional cross bars, black heated door mirrors, and dark exterior trim.

The 2RS offers the same performance as the rest of the Trax lineup, and the same basic packages as the LT model, except for the Convenience Package, because heated seats and steering are now standard, with seats made entirely of Evotex. You have to pay extra to choose the Sunroof package to get wireless charging, and you have to choose the Driver Confidence package to get adaptive cruise control. The 2RS starts at $24,995, and is also the first version of the Trax to get seatback pockets.

Chevy Trax Active 2024 | Not all-wheel drive

The all-new Trax Activ model also starts at $24,995, offering a slightly different look compared to the base and RS Sport models. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the Activ version unlocks any additional performance, it doesn’t. It’s still front-wheel drive, hasn’t been bumped up at all, is still just as powerful, and all-wheel drive isn’t available on any Trax models. You’d have to “upgrade” to the smaller Trailblazer SUV to get Chevy’s all-wheel drive at a lower price. Chevy doesn’t even offer a tow rating for the current Trax, but it doesn’t come with a tow hitch for some reason.

The Trax gets unique all-black 18-inch wheels and a unique black grille with titanium-colored accents, as well as a black badge and lettering. It’s the only Trax available with an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, and it also has heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. You still have to pay extra to opt for the Sunroof package to get wireless charging, and you have to opt for the Driver Confidence package to get Adaptive Cruise Control, despite it being the top model. However, in our testing of the 2024 Trax Activ, we found the all-wheel-drive SUV to be fun enough to drive (if a little sluggish, not as sluggish as the Crosstrek!), roomy inside, and very well equipped for such a low price. No one is doing what Chevy offers right now, and it’s a solid deal that can only be compared to the option of purchasing a used replacement. Why not buy new?

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