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The midsize truck segment has boomed. The Toyota Tacoma – one of the 10 best-selling cars in America last year – has never been more popular. Ford didn’t just bring the Ranger back to the US market, they did it all with the new V6-powered Ranger Raptor. But Ram has been surprisingly resilient so far.

Stellantis offers a midsize competitor, the Jeep Gladiator. But we don’t yet have an offering from the dedicated truck brand, Ram, that’s smaller than the 1500 pickup (not very small at all). That could be about to change. Ram is reportedly considering launching a new midsize pickup for 2026. Here’s what we know about it.

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Will the Ram midsize truck be electric?

It seems that way. for every Car NewsThe Ram midsize truck will be electric. However, Ram could offer a combustion-powered version alongside it. Ram’s choice to make its midsize truck electric could explain why it’s taking so long to get to market.

Is this electric truck different from the Ram Rampage?

Ram has not yet confirmed its future product plans. But reports indicate that Ram will offer compact trucks (competing the Ford Maverick unibody) and midsize trucks (competing the Tacoma on the body). according to CD playerThe unibody truck — perhaps heavily inspired by the Ram Rampage released overseas — could be launched in America as soon as 2023.

Will Ram’s new midsize truck be called the Dakota?

Not clear. Ram has not confirmed the names of either truck. But we’d be surprised if Ram doesn’t revive the Dakota nameplate for one.

What would a Ram midsize truck look like?

When will the Ram midsize truck debut?

How much does a Ram midsize truck cost?

We don’t have confirmation on pricing for the new midsize truck yet. The year 2026 may be too far away to predict accurate numbers, given how volatile car prices are. All we can say so far is that it should be less expensive than the full-size Ram 1500 REV, which should be more expensive than the combustion Ram 1500.

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