finally! Rivian confirms that an R1T leasing program is coming very soon

finally!  Rivian confirms that an R1T leasing program is coming very soon

Less than a week after pulling the first order lever to lure new customers behind the wheel of its existing inventory of R1T pickups, Rivian is further incentivizing drivers by offering a first-time leasing program.

Rivian held the mainstay ElectricHome for last month, on the heels of a promising third-quarter report that detailed better-than-expected production numbers along with continued strong demand. There was a small OTA glitch this month, but the automaker quickly rectified the situation before a complete disaster erupted.

While Rivian remains one of the few electric automakers sticking with MSRP amid boosting production and increasing sales, it is still trying to maximize profits as we enter the key period of fiscal 2023.

Last week, Rivian introduced its first ordering tool, offering a free home charger and up to $2,000 in installation credits to new customers who purchase the R1T pickup truck from its existing inventory.

To further liquidate those existing large configurations, Rivian is finally offering R1T leases for the first time, starting next week. Here’s what we know.

Rivian rental

Rivian begins leasing the R1T for the first time ever next week

To be completely transparent, details remain very light regarding a potential Rivian lease. The US automaker has mentioned leasing options for over a year now, most recently during its third-quarter call with investors, but we haven’t seen those plans come to fruition yet.

This afternoon, the email shown above was sent to Rivian email subscribers, indicating that R1T leases will become available early next week. However, the automaker clarifies that these leases will only meet certain mandates that have not yet been announced.

The R1T trucks available for lease will apparently come from existing inventory that Rivian has already paid for using incentives announced last week, in an effort to maximize sales before the end of the year.

The R1S was never mentioned as part of the shipper, installation, or leasing programs because the flagship SUV hasn’t been in production for long and Rivian likely doesn’t have a lot of inventory to move. Trust us that R1S leases are definitely in the works. We may see that in 2024.

We’ve reached out to Rivian for more details on the R1T lease, but they’re keeping things under wraps for now. We’ll just have to wait until sometime next week when full details emerge. More to come in the near future.

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