Ford says reports of S650 Mustang’s demise in 2028 ‘not accurate’

Ford says reports of S650 Mustang’s demise in 2028 ‘not accurate’

The next-generation Mustang could share its platform with the second-generation Mustang Mach-E crossover

4 December 2023 at 18:34

The S650-generation Ford Mustang hasn’t been in customer hands for long, however there are already reports circulating that the seventh edition pony car may be discontinued, perhaps after the 2028 model year.

Details revealed in the latest labor agreement between Ford and the United Auto Workers (UAW) outline vehicle production plans for the coming years at Ford assembly plants across the country. According to a report from Muscle Cars & Trucks, this agreement indicates that production of the current Mustang may cease in 2028, coinciding with the expiration of the new UAW contract.

However, when TheDrive contacted Ford for clarification, a spokesperson responded, stating that the report from Muscle Cars and Trucks was “inaccurate.” Additionally, Ford stated that they “will not comment on speculation regarding future products.”

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This isn’t the first time there have been signs that the seventh-generation Mustang won’t last long. Twelve months ago, reports began to surface that Ford already had firm plans for an S750 Mustang that could launch in 2029.

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It is known that the next generation Mustang will be powered by the Ford GE2.2 platform, which will also be used in the second generation Mustang Mach-E crossover. Unfortunately for muscle car fans, reports indicate that the S750 will only be sold in all-electric flavors, meaning the end for the Mustang we all know and love.

However, it should be noted that nothing has been confirmed yet, and Ford’s decision on whether or not to sell the eighth-generation Mustang with an ICE engine could be determined by market demand at the time. Dodge is expected to offer the next-generation Charger and Challenger in both all-electric and ICE models, with the V8 downsized to the 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder that Jeep already uses. Here’s hoping Ford goes a similar route.

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