Fujifilm is rumored to launch a $100 Instax hybrid camera this month

The rumored camera will be functionally similar to the Instax mini Evo (Image source: Fujifilm – modified)

Fuji Rumors has received word from reliable sources that Fujifilm will launch a camera this month within the Instax lineup of instant cameras. The camera is said to be “very small and all digital”, and will reportedly cost US$100, making it the entry-level compact sibling to the current Mini Evo and mini LiPlay hybrid models.

It seems like the launch of the medium format GFX100 II and three G-mount lenses last week was enough news from Fujifilm for a while. However, Fuji Rumors has just received information from a source claiming that there is another version of the Fujifilm product yet to be released this month. It’s rumored that a new camera will be launched, not within the X or GFX range, but as part of the Instax instant camera lineup.

The camera is said to be “ultra-small” and “all-digital.” Based on the above description, it’s safe to say that it will accept Fujifilm’s credit card-sized “mini” instant film (not the square or wide sizes). “All-digital” is a bit of a confusing choice of words, since the current Instax lineup is classified under either “analog” or “hybrid” — which are the only two ways to accurately describe instant cameras. Analog refers to the classic mechanism where photography is done through an optical viewfinder and the image is printed immediately. Examples include the Instax mini 12, mini 90, and all of Polaroid’s current lineup.

The Mini LiPlay is currently Instax's smallest hybrid model (Image source: Fujifilm - edited)
The Mini LiPlay is currently Instax’s smallest hybrid model (Image source: Fujifilm – edited)

Hybrid type allows you to frame on the LCD screen like a typical digital camera, apply effects or filters, and then choose whether or not to take a print, thus avoiding wasting film on bad shots. Current examples are the Instax mini Evo and mini LiPlay, and it seems likely that the rumored newcomer will be of this type. The Mini LiPlay is the smallest in the Instax lineup, at 3.25 x 4.84 x 1.44 inches (82.5 x 122.9 x 36.7 mm), so we can expect the new camera to be in that size range, if not smaller.

Another point to note is that the new camera will cost US$100, making it an entry-level model compared to the mini Evo and mini LiPlay, both priced at US$199 at launch. Instant cameras have been selling very well over the past few years: the Instax series is one of Fujifilm’s biggest moneymakers, and continues to grow every year, so it makes sense to expand it. Interestingly, while Fujifilm is expanding further into the affordable side of the segment with its $100 camera, Polaroid has chosen to go premium with its recently launched $599 I-2 manual instant camera.

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