Grand Blanc teenager takes his life on the road as “Fan Man Chan”

GRAND BLANC – Taking to the road in a refurbished truck to travel cross-country is not a new idea, but it has gained popularity online through a series of “van life” content creators on YouTube and TikTok.

Chandler Krasniqi, a 19-year-old from Grand Blanc, is one of those creators.

In May, Krasniqi took his 1998 Dodge Ram wagon on the road — and he’s been there ever since, releasing videos and documenting his travels under the name “Fan Man Chan.”

“I kind of planted the idea from my girlfriend’s sister’s friend,” Krasniqi told The Daily. “I never thought of van life as an ‘option.’ I was going to be an electrician…but before I had that big interview with this company, I went on two cross-country road trips. When I was on those trips, I loved being on the road.”

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