Growth is prompting Italian renters to expand their truck fleets

Growth is prompting Italian renters to expand their truck fleets

New MJ450 Truck Rack from Piattaforme Patty. Image: MultiTitle)

Two access equipment rental companies in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region have expanded their equipment fleets, adding new truck racks from Multitel Pagliero.

Piattaforme Patty, headquartered in Maranello, in the Modena region, was founded in 2003. Multitel says the company has grown rapidly over the past several years, thanks in part to increased activity in the telecommunications and refurbishment sectors.

As a result, the company’s previous equipment investments have included a 35-metre MJ 335 unit from Multitel and a 52-metre MJ520 unit with crane. However, recently, the company has purchased other equipment, adding the MJ450 model with a double winch.

The MJ450 is mounted on a 26-ton three-axle truck and has a maximum working height of 45.2 metres. Its 32.3m horizontal span provides a platform loading capacity of 120kg, which rises to 300kg at a 30.3m span and 500kg at a 26.7m span.

The telescopic unit provides continuous 360 degree rotation of the tower, with a self-leveling basket capable of rotating +/- 180 degrees, and also features an extendable arm.

Likewise, Tecnogroonda, based in Colicchio (Parma), which was founded in 1979 and operates as a construction and maintenance contractor as well as a rental company, has also invested in the installation of Multitel trucks.

The company has added the MJ375 to its rental fleet of mobile cranes, self-propelled and aerial platforms. Mounted on an 18-tonne truck, the MJ375 has a maximum working height of 37.5m and a reach range of 25.8m with a basket capacity of 120kg, 280kg at 24.3m extension and 500kg at 20.8m.

New TechnoGronda MJ375 Truck Mount New TechnoGronda MJ375 Truck Mount. (Image: Multitail)

“The performance of the tower and basket is identical to the MJ450,” said Multitel. “A loading capacity of up to 500 kg, overall dimensions of 8 metres, and the ability to operate underground up to -8 metres, make the MJ 375 an ideal platform for working in urban areas where space and access are restricted.”

Both the truck racks supplied to Piattaforme Patty and Tecnogrondda are equipped with EVE, Multitel’s electronic control system, which is said to ensure that the machine’s speed, linearity and fluidity of vertical and horizontal movements are “always in perfect balance”, while preventing snap reeling. It also features telematics capabilities, with GPS tracking, machine status, parameter identification, and remote diagnostics.

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