H2X Global and KTM unveil the prototype of a hydrogen delivery truck

H2X Global and KTM unveil the prototype of a hydrogen delivery truck

Australian hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer H2X Global has partnered with Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer KTM Technologies to develop a hydrogen delivery truck prototype.

The H2X Darling Van is based on a new lightweight ‘origami’ chassis, developed in collaboration with KTM

The H2X Darling Van was developed to help delivery, freight and logistics companies transition to a zero-emission fleet, without compromising capacity or operational efficiency.

Revealed in prototype form at the recent Body Engineering Days conference, it is based on a new lightweight ‘origami’ chassis, developed by the two companies in collaboration.

Three different versions are planned: a 4,670 mm long compact version with 4.6 m³ of cargo capacity, a 4,903 mm standard model with 5.1 m³, and a 5,324 mm long van with 5.8 m³, all with a height of 1,950 mm. Payload is targeted at up to 3,500kg, towing capacity from 1,000kg to 2,550kg, and the truck has a range of 400km/248 miles. A refrigerated version is also scheduled to be released alongside the chassis cab.

The prototype follows a $57m (€54m/£47m) investment agreement secured by H2X from US-based Verde Mobility Inc to accelerate the deployment of the vehicles for customers in Asia, India, Australia and Europe.

H2X Global says it is now in discussions with a key supplier that “will verify and validate H2X Global’s current project status, focusing on their expertise in roll formed T4/T6 aluminum sheets, a pivotal component of the manufacturing process.”

“H2X Global remains steadfast in its commitment to redefining sustainable transportation solutions, with a particular focus on hydrogen-powered vehicles specifically designed to meet the unique needs of professional drivers,” said Chris Ritz, Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder of H2X Global. “The overwhelming response at Body Engineering Days confirms The industry recognizes H2X Global’s pivotal role in pioneering hydrogen mobility solutions.

Andy Schumacher, Technical Project Manager, KTM Technologies, added: “This partnership has allowed us to witness first-hand the innovative vision and dedication of H2X Global to pioneering hydrogen-powered solutions for the automotive industry. As a company committed to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering, KTM recognizes the enormous potential of hydrogen technology in creating environmentally friendly and innovative vehicles.

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