He urged buyers to reconsider minivans, describing them as better than SUVs

He urged buyers to reconsider minivans, describing them as better than SUVs

Two car experts took to YouTube to prove to viewers that not all minivans are boring, describing them as better than SUVs and crossovers.

TFLnow is a YouTube channel where a number of presenters test a wide range of models to help viewers who are considering purchasing a new car.

In a recent video, hosts Nathan and Roman compared the latest versions of the Toyota Sienna and Kia Carnival, highlighting that neither model looks boring.

“I like Toyota’s modern design, especially the headlights and taillights,” Roman said. “I think they are trying to inject more life into their cars, including the Sienna, and I support that.”

“So, if you look at the Kia Carnival, it’s been stretched in a design way so it looks more like a traditional crossover,” Nathan added. “The hood was elongated and flatter, and the whole side of the car looks very much like a crossover, even the back of it. So.” That was their point, I thought he was relatively handsome.

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The presenters noted that minivans, or multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), are no longer popular with most buyers, who prefer rugged-looking SUVs and crossovers.

However, there is still a wide range of models on sale, many of which attempt to remove the bland styling they’ve typically been known for, and instead replicate the look of SUVs.

Roman pointed out that although it is not advisable to go off-road, the Toyota Sienna also features an all-wheel drive engine.

While sitting behind the wheel of the Toyota, the two hosts praised its smooth hybrid system, which allows drivers to accelerate silently.

“I’m going to turn this machine on,” Roman said. It gave me one beep, and now I’m in electric mode, which means I can gently walk away. Let’s say it’s early in the morning, my family is asleep, and I don’t want to disturb anyone, and I gently go to work.

“Here, it’s all about hybrid technology, all the time. It’s a gasoline engine, a four-cylinder in this case, paired with electric motors. They combine for 245 horsepower, Nathan, and they also have all-wheel drive capability.”

However, the presenters noted that the Kia felt more fun to drive, despite not being as economical as the Sienna.

“I feel like I’m in the most exclusive car, it looks a little bit nicer,” Roman continued. “But it’s a conventional vehicle, so if you’re used to regular automatic transmissions and regular V6 engines, this is the one for you, right.”

“And this has more power, so I want to put it to the test. Ah, well, you know this isn’t a speed demon, but at least it feels faster. But there’s also more aural pleasure, because you can hear the gear changes.”

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