Here’s how to start a food truck business in Brockton

Here’s how to start a food truck business in Brockton

BROCKTON – Have you always had a passion for food and entrepreneurship? But you weren’t sure how to combine these two ideas? Well, maybe a mobile food truck is your next business venture.

We’ve gathered information from City Hall and local entrepreneurs to create an easy breakdown of helpful things to know when you’re starting your business.

Before you write your checkbook, when you plan a successful business as an entrepreneur, you must consider the needs of the community you serve and develop a unique concept and menu that captivates the consumer.

Whether it’s a fusion of two cultures, which is very popular in the Brockton area, or your choice of a traditional menu, you should make it your own.

Once you have the design concept, menu, and vehicle, it’s time to turn everything into code.

Justine Ramos, co-owner of the Cheesy Chicks food truck, is ready to serve customers outside Abington Town Hall on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Are you new to Brockton?Below is a list of places to eat, drink and visit in the city

What do you need to start a food truck in Brockton?

Now, you may be wondering what are the first steps to starting a food truck business? Well, there is no right or wrong way to start the process. Some may start by determining their business name, status to serve, logo, and entity before purchasing and designing a truck, like Justin Ramos of Cheesy Cheeks, a macaroni and cheese-based food truck in Abington.

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