Here’s the Purple Thunder: a six-wheeled Jaguar-Daimler pickup truck

This is by far the strangest Jaguar XJ-based model to be seen driving around while it’s for sale

16 September 2023 at 17:02

If you’re looking for the most unusual truck conversion, get ready for the “Purple Thunder” – a Daimler Double-Six that will turn more heads than a parade of clowns at the library. This six-wheeled monster has a two-seater cabin and a resonant V12 engine under the hood. But wait there’s more! It boasts a bed that extends longer than your aunt’s Sunday sermon. And imagine what? If you’re in the UK, you can park it directly under your driveway.

This bizarre creation is based on a 1981 Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas, which was little more than a rebadged and generously equipped Jaguar XJ Series III with an extended wheelbase. What was once a four-door limousine has seen a radical transformation into a two-door, single-cab pickup thanks to a custom rear end and a greatly shortened cabin.

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According to the Catawiki listing, this car stands alone as the only model of its kind to feature a dual rear axle. While six-wheeled cars have gained some attention recently, it’s worth noting that the world doesn’t often see a Jaguar with more than four wheels. The purple paint with gold graphics and chrome accents add to its uniqueness, as do the side-mounted exhaust pipes that are said to produce a “unique sound.” However, a less attractive aspect is the fuel filler flap protruding from the bodywork, a result of its repositioning due to the extensively redesigned rear fenders.

The two-seater interior retains the wood paneling on the dashboard and door cards, but the white leather upholstery and Daimler-badged steering wheel have seen better days, while the headliner needs replacing. The back seat has been removed, but the trunk is now spacious enough to accommodate a lot of bags under the trunk lid.

The Daimler ute is powered by a 5.3-litre V12 powertrain, which originally produced up to 295 PS (220 kW / 300 hp). According to the current owner, the engine is in good running condition, as are the automatic gearbox, brakes, tires and suspension.

As one might expect with older Jaguars, there are some issues, including oil leaks and a broken fuel gauge. An odometer reading of 77,150 miles (124,160 km) indicates infrequent use, which is completely understandable given the size of this car.

The price of this distinctive creation, which has changed hands between 8 different owners over its life, is expected to range from 12,250 euros to 13,500 euros ($13,100 to 14,400 dollars). Currently, the highest bid is €10,500 (US$11,200), and the auction has two more days before it closes. So, the question remains: will you bid on this uniquely practical Daimler or will you opt for something more reliable and less interesting?

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